Free Gold!
Most valuable currency of the Kingdom.
Use Gold to purchase bonuses and revive troops.

Get your daily gift! 🎁
Free March Speedups!
Use it to reduce March time by 25%.

Get your daily gift! 🎁
Happy Constitution Day!
On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had created.

Celebrate Constitution Day through activities, learning, parades and demonstrations of your Love for the United State of America and the Blessings of Freedom secured by Founding Fathers.
Missing Talent Points
📌 Please do not worry! 📦 All your Talent points are safe!

Latest versions of mobile apps may cause a problem with overall Talent points display in 3 of 4 Talent sections.

Some players may see zero points in the first three categories after opening Talent interface while using mobile devices. Talent points spent to Archeology training are displayed correctly.

Please note that every Talent you trained earlier is working properly. If you open 'Battle tactics', 'Expert battle tactics' or 'Economics' sections you will see that all Talent points are still there.

🔧🔩 Total Battle’s Quality Assurance team is already fixing this purely visual issue which does not affect gameplay.
Dear players!

Please note that the effect of bonuses with different percentage doesn’t stack. If you activate a 300% experience bonus while there is an activated 100% experience bonus you will deactivate this way the effect of the second bonus.

Be attentive and do not deprive yourself of benefits by deactivating bonuses ahead of their expiration time.
Join Treasure Hunt!
Treasure Hunt is started! ⏰

Best of luck! 🤞

We hope you enjoy this brand new regular event with Divisions.

We wanna know! 📩 Comment below to express your opinion.
Treasure Hunt Basic Rules
It's just a couple of hours before first 'Treasure Hunt' tournament will launch.

Please spare a few moments to check the rules for participation before diving into competition.

• Defeat other players and explore the Treasure hunt crypts to get Cursed treasures.

• Exchange your Cursed treasures in the tournament panel for tournament points.

• The more Cursed treasures you exchange at a time, the more tournament points you will get for each Cursed treasure.

• Each time you get Cursed treasures, a 40 minutes cooldown is triggered before further exchanges are possible.

• One hour before tournament ends, receiving Cursed treasures no longer triggers the cooldown on Cursed treasures exchange.

• Part of the stolen Cursed treasures from other players cities will burn.

• The Shield of Peace cannot be activated while you have an active march in the Treasure hunt crypts or if you have Cursed treasures in the city.

• You can't capture Cursed treasures while Shield of Peace bonus is active.

• At the beginning of the tournament, players are assigned to divisions according to their level.

• The players remain in their divisions until the end of the tournament.

• The best player in every division receives the “Treasure hunter” title.

• Treasure hunter title bonus: +5% chance for whole army to strike two squads, +5% chance to explore crypt twice.

• Players ranked 2 to 100 in every division receive the “Adventurer” title.

• Adventurer title bonus: +2% chance for whole army to strike two squads, +2% chance to explore crypt twice.

• Titles are active for 7 days.
WebGL Open Beta
Most important feature we released today is access to WebGL beta.

It is intended as a replacement for Flash-version because outdated Adobe Flash technology will be completely disabled in all modern browsers next year.

There are two requirements to get access:

- One of these browsers: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox.

- At least 4Gb RAM installed to your computer.

If these conditions are met you will be able to launch WebGL-version by pressing a big red button titled 'TRY THE NEW BETA WITH +100% FASTER FPS' at the top of game screen.

Please keep in mind that it is still in development so we will be grateful if you share your feedback and help us to polish it for perfection before official release.
GAME's Been Updated
The maintenance is over 🤩
New monsters will appear on the kingdom map as soon as we kick them out from the tavern.
Total Battle Is Updated! 08-26-19
Total Battle is updated!

New features:

- WebGL open beta version

- 'Treasure Hunt' - brand new regular tournament

- More levels for Hero and certain Captains

- Achievements for leveling up Hero and certain Captains

- New high-level monsters on the maps of all Kingdoms

- Increased time limit for Marches to Mercenary Exchanges

- Avatar which increases maximum capacity and production rate of Sacred potions

- Event Journal improvements: the winner is highlighted in the battle logs and the Kingdom Clash banners which were returned to the allies are displayed separately

More information and detailed descriptions of each new feature will be published soon.

Please feel free to share your impressions and suggestions regarding introduced features.

Your opinion is very important to us!

Sincerely yours,
Total Battle team
Mercenary Exchange March Limit
📣 We are excited to reveal major improvement for Mercenary Exchange!

Most players enjoy hiring Mercenaries for Silver and competing in 🚢 'Trade Routes' tournament. However we received many requests to rethink time limits for Marches.

Currently it is prohibited to send Captains to Mercenary Exchange if overall March time from player's city exceeds 20 minutes.

Audience feedback is of paramount importance for us that is why development team decided to expand this time limit by 6 times. This will allow everyone to reach Mercenary Exchanges freely and participate in tournament more actively.

Time limit for these specific Marches will be increased ↗️ from 20 to 120 minutes
This will allow to visit Mercenary Exchanges located far from player's own Kingdom.

📆 This change will become effective after upcoming game update which is scheduled for next week.

Please 🗣 share this announcement with your friends and express your opinion about this enhancement in the comments section.
Fair Random Chances
Dear friends,

please let us explain some important moments regarding chances of specific actions during encounters with other players or monsters.

• Side which will deal First hit is always selected randomly (except using Guan Yu avatar while fighting rival player or utilizing Siege engines). This choice is independent for each individual battle.

• Double damage chance is determined for each standalone battle step regardless previous results. It is also possible that Double damage chance may be applied several times in a row because there is no connection to previous battle steps or enemy performance.

• Chance to strike two squads at once is also considered for each battle step individually.

There are several ways to increase these chances by equipping your Hero or Captains with certain items, applying Talents or researching corresponding Technologies.

Investigating activation rate or trying to discover specific patterns are useless due to completely random nature of these events.
Battle Video Contest
We are excited to announce battle gameplay video contest!

Rules are very simple:

📹 Record a video of the battle against other players or monsters you participated or witnessed.

🎥 Upload the video on YouTube (or other popular service).

🎞️ Share the link to your video in the comment section.

Rewards are beyond amazing:

🏆 Winner with the most superb battle video will get unique in-game Title.

🥈 Authors of 10 best videos will get any $249.99 package of their choice.

🎁 Each participant will be awarded with a special prize from game Administration.


💡 Some participants may prefer to use text or graphics to highlight the details.
To make this easier, we decided to share some useful resources and free apps:

Logo -
Font -
Video software -
Do not forget to restore your destroyed clan Forts on time ⏰
Otherwise, you risk losing a clan building.

In case the time of Conflagration in your Fort expired and you didn't succeed in restoration of the clan building, your enemy can attack the destroyed Fort again and renew the Conflagration status.

If you do not rebuild a destroyed clan Fort in 7 days, the clan building is considered to be burnt 🔥 and will be removed from the kingdom map.
August Calendar
August is already here! We hope you are enjoying the summer and this new calendar!

Calendar is available by the following link:
How To Enable Adobe Flash
Dear players,

some of you already aware that most web-browsers are gradually discontinue to use Adobe Flash technology which was introduced in 1996.

Some browsers still allows users to run Flash-based projects but Adobe Flash-plugin is blocked by default.
It may be required to modify your browser's Settings in order to start playing web-version of Total Battle.

Recently we added an instruction which is displayed automatically if your Adobe Flash plugin is blocked.

If in-game 'Enable Flash Player' button did not worked for you please check our instruction by opening a link titled 'Click here' below big green button.

You can continue playing Total Battle after these few simple steps:

1. Click the 'Plugin blocked' icon in the top right corner of your browser;

2. Click the 'Manage' button in the pop-up menu;

3. The Flash Settings tab will open, switch “Block sites from running Flash (recommended)' setting to 'Ask First';

4. Click big green 'Enable Flash Player' button again;

5. Click the 'Allow' button in the pop-up on the top left of the browser page;

6. Enjoy playing the game!

Please do not worry because we are almost ready to replace outdated Flash by WebGL-based version of the game.

It will be officially announced and become available as open beta in a few weeks.

Stay tuned!
Scheduled Maintenance
Dear players,

please note that the game will be unavailable approximately for 1 hour on Thursday 07-25-2019 6:50 UTC due to maintenance.

Outdated Journal logs will be deleted during server shutdown.

Please let us remind you that it is possible to protect records of important events by adding them to Favorites section. Click ⭐️ in the log on the right to save it up to 60 days.
Rekrutacja Do Klanu
Polski klan Stolica klanu WYKLĘCI (K:36 X:193 Y:475) przyjmie aktywnych graczy do klanu na k 36. Na królestwie jest całkowicie przestrzegane ROE i nie ma żadnych zakazów dotyczących zbierania złota lub smoły (z wyjątkiem terenu innego klanu). Szukają aktywnych graczy, którzy będą chcieli z nimi się bawić.

Więcej informacji może udzielić gracz pod imieniem SIR ADO.
Total Battle IS UPDATED! 06-24-19
Total Battle is updated!

New features:

- Summerfest global event

- Doomsday tournament where you can challenge a unique monster

- Brand new avatar with a bonus which takes effect after a successful scouting. It temporarily blocks the revival of the enemy Hero

- New high-level monsters on the Kingdoms’ maps

- Battle logs now contain more information and details

- The bonuses of some Heroes are suspended after their death and resumed after their revival in the Temple

More information and detailed descriptions of each new feature will be published soon.

Please feel free to share your impressions and suggestions regarding introduced features.

Your opinion is very important to us!

Sincerely yours,
Total Battle team
Third Crypt Was Detected
🗺️ Third ancient structure was found on the edge of a dilapidated cliff.

🗿 It survived miraculously but all statues around the main building were destroyed.

❓ Can you imagine what can be discovered in the depths of these ruins?

🎁 Author of most original comment will get 500000 Epic Tar as a present.
Another Object For Exploration
🗺️ Another unfamiliar structure was found far away from inhabited territories.

🐲 Massive beast's head crowns the top so entrance is hidden amidst dreadful jaws.

❓ Can you imagine what can be discovered in the depths of these ruins?

🎁 Author of most original comment will get 500000 Rare Tar as a present.
Game Update
Dear friends,

game update is coming soon.

Following features will appear in the game after the completion of the technical maintenance:

• 'Treasure Hunt' - brand new regular tournament,
• new high-level Monsters on the Kingdoms' maps,
• increased time limit for Marches to Mercenary Exchanges,
• avatar with a bonuses for maximum capacity and production rate of Sacred potions.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by temporary server stop.
Discovery Of Unknown Object
🗺️ Previously unknown object was spotted deep within thickets of ancient wood.

🏛️ Scouts reported that they saw several smaller structures placed around core building.

❓ Can you imagine what can be discovered in the depths of these ruins?

🎁 Author of most original comment will get 500000 Tar as a present.
Another Hero Will Arrive Soon!
🤝 Many players asked for it and we heard them!

📆 In a few days everyone will be able to use brand new Hero.

❓ Can you guess which two bonuses will be active while using this avatar?

🎁 First player who correctly describe new character's features will get Avatar unlock item.
Teaser Of Upcoming Update
📢 Upcoming game update is preliminary scheduled for next week.

🔎 Fans of puzzles will be the first to see what will appear in the game.

• Assemble the puzzle ➡
• Use or any similar service to take a screenshot of the complete puzzle.
• The screenshot must indicate the time you spent to complete the puzzle.
• Copy the link to the screenshot and send it to Support team.
• It is obligatory to use “Community event - August 19 Update Teaser” as a heading to your message.
• Messages without “Community event - August 19 Update Teaser” heading will not be taken into account!


🥇 1st place: 100000 Gold
🥈 2nd place: 50000 Gold
🥉 3rd place: 30000 Gold
Places 4 - 20: 10000 Gold
Claim Achievement Rewards!
Dear friends,

🏆 if you already fulfilled conditions for certain Achievements and still not claimed the rewards yet - now it is the perfect time to do so!

📅 Rewards for some Achievements will be changed after upcoming technical maintenance which is scheduled for next week.

⏳ Please hurry up to get more points, items and bonuses while they are still available!

We recommend to use downloadable client due to it’s better performance instead of Flash-version if you saved up many unclaimed rewards: