I'll never give you any money again.
you didn't fix any problem and you're adding more, chat still doesn't work, incredible idiots. The worst developers I've ever seen. This is not a Total Battle, this is a total idiocy of developers.
Congratulations, you screwed up what you could. Idiots.

Why won't anyone answer me about why my wall have dropped a level after the update, They went from level 7 down to a level 6. I have sent two tickets, two e-mails , and posted on your facebook page.....wth is wrong with support. Just take our money and not worry about the bugs huh...

very goood
precisa melhorar muitas coisas
Bash To The Bone
Are you kidding me? The game page doesn't load any faster. It's still the same old lagging speed. Also, what have you done to the captains bonuses? The captain's bonuses are lost once they leave the city. Furthermore, what have you done to conquest points? They are significantly lower with pvp. Everything you said in the video is false. You did nothing to improve the game, only make it worse. This update took away hard earned research bonuses all in the name of greed. Your company is terrible in the way players are treated in the game. Hopefully, you will have to sell the game because no one wants to spend a dime on this game anymore.
Killer Klown
Why change it to where Royal bonuses cant be set up for multiple days? It takes one less things that is tedious out of the game. This is a strategy game right? The ability to use strategy based on our TIME should be allowed. Whether we want to do it one day at a time or two weeks at a time!!