The 'Great Hunt' tournament!

Prepare for the 'Great hunt'! ⏳ Tournament starts in 12 hours!

During this tournament, Clan members will be required to complete special quests: contracts to defeat monsters.

Each monster that you defeat for a contract earns tournament points for your Clan.

In the Great Hunt, each player will have their own cumulative tournament bonus for Valor and Experience points. This bonus will increase depending on the number of contracts completed. Keep in mind that the bonus effect will be applied to Valor and Experience points that are earned by defeating monsters for contracts.

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I've got to be honest, I thought the Great hunt was a good idea. Unfortunately it was poorly executed this time. If I could make a suggestion it would be that the contracts give a small reward such as a set amount of Gold/Silver for each completed contract dependent on the level of the contract as well as points towards the Clan goals. This way individuals can be more invested in the Hunt where the whole clan may not be and should lead to greater participation in future. The format of the Hunt currently is not something I would bother with again.
Crap Tournament. No rewards, despite enough kills. Nothing showed. No rewards, just costs. Revival for gold instead of silver which would be much better. Won't be participating again.
Another crap game and waste of gold...completed 3 contracts for 4oo points, yet it showed I had no points and 45th in my Clan??? We all need an opportunity to get our gold plus back for a waste of time!!!
Pissed up again
absolute waste of time and gold. myself and most of my crew showed as no points at all. A really bad event to get players to buy gold. why can't you sort your s**t out first instead of using us as paying test dummies?.
This was a total failure !!! I spent a lot of gold...killed all contracts...and received 0 points...nothing but wasted time...I watched all my clan members participate...and only a few actually received any points...very sad...very sad indeed
Swing & a miss. (sorry dev's, this was a fail)
This event was terribly done, you could not tell what your ranking was throughout the entire event, i received no rank no points at the end though i completed every contract early, i spent 150000 in gold for nothing?Wish you people would get it right.