I think I look good in that picture frame ? I am pretty sure I didn't even pick that picture of me. But after a decade of not 'playing'', looks like a warrior to me ; )
Borussen Bernie
cool geil super:)
I can't wait for the surprise!
I cannot properly resize my display. Did the developers incorporate AI and determine that my eyesight is bad and the game always opens up with super enlarged? I can only see three things to purchase at a time without scrolling where before I could see 8 or 9. We can no longer adjust the zoom level in the browser to see the game like we would like, at least not in Chrome. Over the past year or so I have seen the game size management become more restrictive. Maybe the next game update we will only be able to see initially only our city and then zooming out will only allow us to see a few cities away. That change will cause me to stop playing.
chat is not able to show tables properly - please reset!
Mithril Antimarr
it would be appreciated if the time delay from switching from group chats to individual chats could be decreased, this negatively impacts on the game experience of all players that use downloaded and website versions
Warum muss ich jetzt beim Fernglas ständig von Anfang suchen!
Am Computer ist alles winzig klein. Ich kann nichts erkennen. Die Brille hilft nicht!
Warum kann ich diese Seite nicht übersetzen? Der Chat und die Aufgaben funktioniert nicht auf der App und das Spiel bricht ab