Co do prezentów to prawda. Jest to robienie ludzi w konia.
Why is it that the community offers FREE GIFT on a daily basis , yet those Free Gift's are not attainable!! This is not just once or twice , it is constantly. Acquiring the gift is available only once or twice every month or so. I've sent complaints over and over with no real answers as to why this happens over and over. This "GIFT" needs to be given with out anyone having to go anywhere or do anything to be able to receive the "GIFT". And this "New Quest List is crazy. I don't have time to do this list.
happy congrulations...
Happy 4th July everyone
This post from the the Total Battle people is ill made and should be remade next year. This post does not show respect to The United States of America. Honesty, total battle needs to be more inclusive. There are very few Asian , Central and South america, and other cultural posts. The captains and heroes have are mostly white men. Please change this. Thx, darivin
As a US veteran, I appreciate all the greeting and wishes from everyone who posted. However, as far as the Total Battle folks go, I was rather disappointed in such a poor, very lackluster effort on their part. Especially considering all the American players in this game.
No thought, or care has gone into this message, which must be very disappointing for many Americans. Why not take a little more care and time the next time you endeavour to create something like this.
hamba :(
Hugh Jass
whoopi fark.... spend your time on fixing game