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This day, 112 years ago, the Tunguska meteorite hit the sparsely populated Eastern Siberian Taiga, destroying tens of millions of trees and manifesting the scale of possible destruction caused by such a catastrophic event as a meteorite impact.

In 2014, on December 3, Stephen Hawking, Grigorij Richters, Danica Remy, Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart and Queen's guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May co-founded the Asteroid Day. Later, in 2016, the event was officially supported by the United Nations. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to raise public awareness about asteroids and how to protect the Earth from the impact hazard.

Have you ever witnessed the fall of an asteroid, however small it would be? Or, if you haven't yet, then what would you imagine this event to look like?

Share your real experience or make up a colorful story about the fall of an asteroid (in real world or in that of Total Battle) in the comment section below in order to win a valuable gift. The Administration will select the best story and offer the winner the most expensive "Protect Your City" package! 🎁

Finally, we are ready to announce the winner's name! The author of the story that we chose as a winner is Merovingian.
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Once upon a time a big meteorite hit the south pole, melting all the ice and causing a terrible tsunami, flooding all the low land and killing everything in his path. Thousand of years later, a scientist exploring the south pole, discover a region where no snow or ice was forming, look like a dry lake. He took some rock sample to see what kind of metal it contain. To his surprise, when he put the samples in water to clean them up, the water began boiling. Those rocks had a very special capability, make any liquid boil. He found a old steam engine, fixed it and then, put some rocks in the water tank, making the water boil causing steam pressure to rise and making the engine fonction without using any oil or coal to heat the water. He just discovered a clean energy power source.................
The Clash for the Throne was raging, an epic attack between the two dominant players and their allies as they dueled back and forth for the kingdom and the glory. A bright flash was seen overhead and the sky filled with flames. The warriors were stunned, but the effect lasted only momentarily as the asteroid crashed onto the map, ripping an epic crater at the border between the the two foes. In an instant, both clans were wiped out from the map, all of the armies amassed over months and years from the top payers were instantly destroyed. The temples were overflowing with the casualties - and those were the lucky ones. Most of the kingdom was replaced by a gaping hole, while those remaining were reduced to rubble in the ensuing explosion and fires. The only ones left were two computer-generated clans at either end of the kingdom and the Tournament for the Crown ticked down to the voting stage. There were no senators left to vote and the system automatically assigned titles to the highest scoring contenders. The strongest in the kingdom was now at 6,000 might while senators 99 and 100 had 1,000 might each. These newcomers to the game didn't even know where to start. Who to vote for, what did the titles even mean. Sixty of the new senators didn't even know there was a vote let alone how to do it. The kingdom was a chaos for months to come ...
one time i was in Florida and I saw what thought was a shooting star but It became bigger in flames and I was like OMG that is defiantly not a shooting star.XD
une pluie de météorites sur les royaumes de temps en temps cela pigmenterais le jeu ... avec de "gros" cadeaux dans les cratéres !!!
et en français ?
helooooooooooooooooo tenku
altın gönder hızlandırıcı gönder