📣Get ready to set sail, because June 25 is the Seafarer Day.

This is the day for seafarers of all stripes, from Coast Guards, to Navies, to every fisherman and marine biologist and cruise ship captain. If your job involves a large quantity of saltwater, then this day is dedicated to you. 

Even if you have nothing to do with sailors, this does not mean that you cannot imagine yourself as Seafarer! 

The new contest is starting now! Let’s write a story about the Seafarers of Total Battle.

For participation you need to:

write a little story (5-10 sentences) about sea voyage between the kingdoms in the comments below.

💡The most interesting and original stories will be awarded with valuable gifts.

💡We will announce the winner’s name in a week. Stay tuned!

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🥉 3rd place  - 49$  “Speedup your marches” package

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Princess Ann
I don't have Ayrin, but if I had, I would prepare a suitcase with drinks, food and clothes for 3 days. When my wife asked me where I am going, I would say: “a business trip”. Then I could lock myself up in the office for 2 days to play TB. I can sleep there, I have a deck chair there ;). It's probably not entirely correct, but it will take a while for my wife to understand the enthusiasm of a sailor who travels with so beautiful girl (Ayrin) across the sea.. Good luck ;) PA
Gavedziarz Waleczny
One day, Garvel and his sister Julia went on a journey. They traveled all around the world because they were explorers. When Garvel said it does not have sense any more, so they found a portal to other dimension. They found there kingdoms with monsters, crypts and many different cities. In the cities, everyone had their army, captains and buildings. Everyone could be in a clan. The clan could be open (everyone could join) or on request (after clicking "send a request",on the spetial button on gate of the city. The leader received a request to join the clan. Each clan could contain a capital and other buildings. He could also conduct research on the clan, which was used only by those who had a house in the clan. You could send a reconnaissance to the city of enemies (after a successful reconnaissance you got information about the army and their resources), you could also send an attack (after a successful attack you got all resources that were not protected by warehouse), you could also send resources to a player. Fallen warriors could be resurrected thanks the scared potion (produced in the temple, gold and during the "Ruthless Slaughter" tournament for silver. Everyone also had captains and could meet thier siblings. From the captains with special powers they met for example: Aydae (strength and life of guards), Doria (more points of bravery), Stror (capacity and pace of gathering resources). In the crypts they could find relics that they could be used to craft special equipment. The equipment in a magical and secret way added by bonuses to the strength and life of the army. The Siblings also met many new heroes who had also magical powers. They met for example: Matemhain (after destroying the walls of his city he could rebuild them after 30 seconds and others after 30 minutes), Heamon (clan bonuses were twice as strong). There was one reason they fought for. For the power of their cities, the victory of their cities in the tournaments and the best possible army.
Faubar I
It is sometimes so difficult to make dream come true. To be a sailor, at least for a while .. I had a piece of bark and we started carving the simple raft. Then we tried to make the boat. And with more skills we tried to make the ship with three masts. Stairs on both sides to the lower deck. Command bridge. Real sails, rudder, anchor. The only pity is that my son can't get on that ship. And now excuse me, we have to test the ship for the first time on how it will sail. Good luck to anybody who will be able to fulfill their dreams, at least for a while. ;) F
The ship was cheered, the harbour cleared, merrily did we drop, below the town, below the hill, below the lighthouse top.

Then storm-blast came, and chased us south along, with sloping masts and dipping prow, the ship drove fast, loud roared the blast, and further southward sped.

Mist and snow, it then grew wondrous cold, the ice was here, the ice was there, it cracked and growled, and roared and howled, the ice was all around.

At length did cross an albatross, through the fog it came; as if it had been a Christian soul, hailed in God's name.

It ate our food it and round and round it flew, the ice did split with a thunder-fit, the helmsman steered us through!

And a good south wind sprung up behind, the albatross did follow, and every day, for food or play, came to the mariners' hallo!

The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew, the furrow followed free we were the first that ever burst into that silent sea.

Day after day, day after day, we stuck, nor breath nor motion, as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.

Water, water, everywhere, and all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.
blackfist appel ces meilleur capitaines et leur ordonne de charger tous ses coffres d argents sur son magnifique drakkar pour aller au comptoir des mercenaires. Avant son départ elle va voir le druide au temple pour savoir ci les dieux sont de son cote. le druide lui dit : fait attention les osselet prédise que certaines créatures vivent dans ces fond marin , l hydre ne la regarde pas dans les yeux ou tu deviendra pierre et le doom te transformera en mort vivant et tu ne pourra jamais allez au valhalla . blackfist prend la mer ,en gardant dans un coin de sa tete ce que le druide lui dit .mais pas le choix elle doit prendre la mer car elle a deux jours de voyage avant d arriver au royaume du k68 ou se trouve ses nouveaux mercenaires....
Setting sail across the treacherous oceans between Kingdoms can be a perilous business ...

BEWARE of what lurks below: THE MIGHTY KRAKEN !

If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter it, this colossal sea creature will ensnare you in it's clutches with one of eight powerful tentacles.

Hold on tight, because you’ll be at the mercy of the KRAKEN once it hoists your ship high into the sky!

You gaze into the Mighty Eye of the KRAKEN, one final time ... before your vessel is torn asunder and you fall into the monsters gaping jaws.

Falling, falling .... arrrghhhh .... CRUNCH!

This awakes you from you reverie with a sudden jolt, the captain is yelling at you ... you lazy sea dog, to swab the decks!

But at least you were spared from the KRAKEN ...
The Rock
As a young man, destined to be a viking, training bean at an very early stage of growth age 13 is the determinate factor for a man to embark on a viking vessel to test his courage in his first combative engagement.
My uncle a blacksmith, created and designed my helmet and shield and sword as I prepared for this new pinnacle of my life.
Proud of my shiny new armor I sought my grandfather because he was a warrior and elder in our tribe. I arrived at his hut beaming from ear to ear to show off my new armor. The disgust on his face pierced my enthusiasm like a knife. He whisked my prize armor from me and began gouging and mutilating it. Returning the dented pieces, he motioned me to follow him to the pig pen where he slaughtered a swine and splashing blood and guts all over me. Then he withdrew his knife from it's sheath and lacerated my right check as he gruffly told me, "now you will scare the hell out of you enemies". I looked into his face and saw the long scar on his right cheek, I had always wondered about that.
Grandpa, Oden, accompanied me to the pier where the viking ship was docked, waiting for all the new cadets. Just as I stepped aboard, grandpa grabbed the closest unsuspecting viking, drawing him into his face, with a warning, "bring him back alive or I will disengage your heart with a dull spoon"
Ghost Rider
One day on my peaceful valley farm, I noticed a lack of supplies, dictating a trip to a nearby, seafaring village. While the merchant was filling my order, I sauntered over to the local tavern for a cold beer and catchup on the town gossip. I reckon I had one too many ales under my belt, because I sure didn't know how I ended up on a whaling vessel. The fishy stench and the violent turbulent uprising was nauseating to say the least.
I staggered to the upper deck to find, to my dismay, we were in the middle of an unleashed tempest with raging winds. The sailors were frantically trying to get control of the ship and were oblivious when a rogue wave dragged me across the deck and ultimately overboard. My next vivid Glimpse of reality was a sandy beach of an uninhabited island, where God knows where. I am dieting on raw fish & coconuts, If you find my note in this bottle, I am here somewhere.
Here I stand, the sea breeze blowing through my hair, on the deck of my war ship- Insurgent Nurgl
The war horns echoes loudly in the mountains, as we leave the harbor for our destination- The kingdom of our oppressor Alrick. Most people avoid this journey, because it takes so long, but we will push through.
I see Haemon standing proudly on the shore- he will be in charge , as the clan bonuses are twice as effective under his rule.
With the waves bashing against the ship we plan our strategy around the round table-
As soon as we dock, Yamato will lead a scouting party to Alrick's city- killing the city's hero.
The next blow will come from Matemhain with his engineering squad- destroying the walls of the great city.
Guan Yu will follow that with a first strike- weakening the enemy defenses.
The main attack will follow, with Thaddeus boosting the numbers by 25%, Marion's full armor increasing stats by 1.5 times and Svyatogor providing a 50% boost to strength and health of our army.
Ryjong will lead the backup wave , as his marching speed is twice that of other heroes.
The final, blow will be dealt by myself, FatBastard, with my Captains- Aydae- inspiring the guardsmen to additional damage, Ingrid- leading my monsters to destruction and Brunhild- taking the flying units to new heights.
We see a "Water Walker" go past. Her name is Ayrin- flaming red hair playing in the wind, death stare from her cold blue eyes…
We hit the shore running- war cries, like the roar of a full mane lion, filling the air. My troops cutting through the enemy like a hot knife through butter. I find him in the throne room- shivering like a rabbit hiding from a fox. As I plunge my sword into his chest, piercing his black heart, I realize that victory is ours!
I am met by the troops of our mighty army- with a fierceness in their voices I have never heard before, they let out a spine chilling cry of: