Oops! Something went wrong... nobody was expecting that. ­čśČ

Currently, you may experience issues with constructing new clan buildings. 

The fix is expected no earlier than on MONDAY, JUNE 15

In the meanwhile, you have some time to work on your strategy since there is no more option to demolish destroyed forts and build new ones.

ÔŁŚ´ŞĆPlease avoid demolishing Forts at all costs.

Dagobert Duck
buh heul buh
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dark Dragon
Liebe Mitspieler,

gute Nachrichten. Die Programmierer haben es nach ├╝ber einer Woche geschafft die Probleme zu beheben. Vielen Dank an alle die geholfen haben.

Viele Gr├╝├če euer
Dark Dragon

Dear fellow players,

Good News. My problems are resolved after one Week.
Thanks to everyone who supported me.

King Regards your
Dark Dragon
John Wyatt
Is this problem resolved?
Hugh Jass
i have save some purchased mercs especially for an enemy at war with. and a great earner for cp... now they not in league... now i have wasted more money on this game as the mercs are now useless.

this is now beyond a joke. this game should be banned and sued for the false expenditure it has cost players. due to bugs and moving goal posts.

shame on you people for the most ripoff game ever created. media respondences should be aware of the continous tricks placed within this game to extract and extort money from players that have kindly donated to this game over the years.
Dark Dragon
Liebe Mitspielerinnen und Mitspieler,

leider habe ich seit ca. 1 Woche Probleme mit meinem Account. Es ist nicht das erste Mal, das mein Account defekt ist. Das erstellte Ticket (Ticket Nummer: 250144) wurde nach 3 Tagen bearbeitet aber leider ohne Erfolg. Nachdem ich dem Support mitgeteilt habe, dass die Fehler immer noch bestehen, habe ich bis stand heute (3 weitere Tage) noch keine R├╝ckmeldung mehr erhalten.

Leider scheint es so zu sein, das der Support keine Lust hat meinen Account zu reparieren, weswegen ich diese Zeilen nun schreibe und auf eure Unterst├╝tzung hoffe. Bitte kopiert diesen Beitrag und sendet diesen hier als Kommentar ab.

Es ist bedauerlich, das ich auf so etwas zur├╝ckgreifen muss. Aber bitte denkt daran, dass euch dasselbe Schicksal treffen kann, weswegen ich auf eine gro├če Unterst├╝tzung hoffe.

Viele Gr├╝├če euer
Dark Dragon

Dear fellow players,

unfortunately I have problems with my account since about 1 week. This is not the first time that my account is broken. The created ticket (ticket number: 250144) was processed after 3 days but unfortunately without result. After I told the support that the errors still exist, I have not received any feedback until today (3 more days).

Unfortunately it seems that the support doesn't want to repair my account, so I'm writing these lines now and hope for your support. Please copy this post and send it here as a comment.

It is unfortunate that I have to resort to such a thing. But please remember that the same fate may befall you, and therefore I hope for great support.

King Regards your
Dark Dragon
when u gonna fix this issue ???
Your company has NO clue about what they do