Scheduled game update
Technical maintenance will start soon. Access to the game may be unavailable for up ti 1 hour or longer.

We will add many Clan features to the game today. Full announcement will be published as soon as the game server will start.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty!
There is an outbreak of corona virus in the world.
You are still chasing money.
There are thousands of deaths and quarantines in every country.
There is a curfew.
People can't go to work.
When this outbreak is over, maybe many players will be dead!
Contribute to this process and make the packages free.
May history make you beautiful.
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why is legendary crypts tech still in tree when we have none
Still unable to play on my Iphone. It logs onto the SALES screen and won't let me leave it. There is no exit for me to get to my city. This started as soon as the app updated. Been 3 days now. :{
Szanowni gracze administracja nasz chce oszukać dali pakiety w ograniczonym a taka sama ilość wojska jest w zwykłych pakietach za tą samą cene ( jedyna różnica są podzielone jednostki ale ilość wyjdzie identyczna )- GDZIE TU JEST PROMOCJA JA SIE PYTAM ADMINISTRACJI ????????????????
Co jest grane ... jeszcze aktualizacja ? Nie mogę się zalogować !
Hetman JKChodkiewicz
Samo życie zmiany owszem,ale dlaczego naszym kosztem??
I will NOT buy anything from this game until it is fixed, and I am compensated for my losses :(
Gennaro Nasti
the ruthless massacre had to start soon and instead and already ended ... the bonuses activated with gold for the ruthless massacre now who gives them back ???. developers you are just bastards
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