Dear players!

We have just completed a 'coldfix' of the game without rebooting game server 🛠

The aim was to improve the game productiveness in beta-version. Now the users who play in beta will notice that the loading of objects has become faster and the overall performance should be less lagging.
death dealer
i like to know when if ever you plan on fixing chat ..till i see some progress i wont buy and will spam every place i can how bad this games chat is..its a ask people to pay on tis a broken game..
80% of your msgs end up in wrong chat..think that works for a war staergy game..nope..not at all your greed is clear as you start new things without fixing the old problems..what you think were all fools..please dont you dare send a msg saying you dont under stand please send screen like me most cannot take screen shots..were you going to fix this some day ..or just keep adding new events and never fixing a game broken..youll find my reviews on your game tommarow as you have done zip so far but say things i cannot my bonus were on and it was just glitch that never showed them.i can do math and i am sure i was cheated out of my bonus i spent real money to get..your like prove i got..not say..prove because my math says differantly..not a ten year old...but 54 and ..soon to be on your face book ..yelp..anywhere i can to let the world know your just taking player for a ride with failed chats and a game that wont fix issues
Tez się przekonam......
when i click on our clan capital it doesn't show history
Przekonamy się :)
Zbliżają się Swięta, a administracja zamiast dawać prezent graczom regularnie okrada ich ze wszystkiego !!!!!!!!!!!!!oddajcie nagrody do skrzynek !!!!!!!!!!
Holidays are coming and the administration instead of giving a present to players is regularly robbing them of everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!give the prizes to the boxes
В новой версии не отображает стройка зданий. Все здания стоят одинаково без тех же строительных лесов.
ok....das!!!....booo, nee, bekommt...kein :...was auch immer....(ihr seid kinder) so bekommt....ihr NIIIII....GELD.... :)....bin nur eine alte TUSI.... @
Pages and images load more quickly but map screen population is slower than previously. Overall it's much better than the browser version but the time to load pages can still be slow.
DD the great
wow they doubled the price of exchange mercs and you guys are still buying them? LOL that means they will stay that price lol
Jest tego sporo