Dozens of sound effects added to accompany most of the Kingdom map and city actions. We hope you'll love to hear the awakened world of your favourite game and fully enjoy the new experience!

The highly-demanded "Treasure Hunt" tournament was upgraded following player feedback and reactivated for the whole month:
- The quantity of Cursed treasures needed to receive bonus points was reduced.
- Peace Shield restrictions were totally cancelled. The Shield remains active even with Cursed treasures in the participants city.

Users signed up via social networks are now able to reset their game progress and start playing from the very beginning.
please the beta version is really bad
chat is down will not connect
I really don't understand why TotalBattle would waist development time on sound effects. Especially when people get tired of them after about 5 minutes and turn them off for good. With all the fundamental problems with this game, like chat, latency, a ton of small bugs that your customers have simply had to learn to work around and now accept as part of the game, not to mention how unbalanced the game is from an actual game perspective. Why would someone think sound effects are a worthwhile task?
Wolna gra
El tiempo que necesita Thelenesia para el regalo que da, no aparece. Ha desaparecido
le puzzle, au moins une chose qui occupe dans ce jeu et la plus de puzzle depuis 2 mois, faire des j'aime pour gagner de l'or, c'est pas pour moi. Quand y aura t'il un signe pour dire " j'aime pas" celui là a mon avis serait utile pour les cliques d'aide :)
bonjour, c'est bien de réduire les trésors, mais à côté, les temps de collectes malgré les améliorations ont été encore allongés :( les cadeaux Thelensia sont a 90% de la nourriture et des ressources de construction :( , les quêtes toutes les 3 heures c'est super, mais les cadeaux sont devenus minable. Les effets sonores mdr franchement vous pensez que c'est ce qui compte le plus pour nous les joueurs. Merci de commencer par de vrai cadeaux ,d'arrêter de durcir le jeu en lui même et la oui peut être que cela sera de bonnes choses et que certains joueurs ne partiront plus pour toutes ces raisons. Salutations
Lord Canuck Jr
I am tired of having to reboot the game every 5 minutes because it locks up, get your shit together and fix this crap....I will not spend another nickel till you idiots fix the problems in this game and quit trying to screw the users.
The Finn Est
is it only me or bonuses (xp, cp, vp) over achievements also do not work any more ?