Halloween contest!
All Hallows’ Eve is coming! 🎃👻😈👹

We hope you love this tradition originated from Celtic harvest festivals and decided to let you unleash your creativity!

Rules are very simple! Imagine this holiday in the world of Total Battle and change appearance of any Hero as for trick-or-treating Halloween costume.

Feel free to use images of game’s characters for your contest entries ➡️

Post a link to your image to comments section below.

Submit your works until October, 31st to get a guaranteed 🎁 for each participant and compete for three rewards from development team:

🥇1000000 Gold + 3 Unlock and Change Avatar items
🥈500000 Gold + 2 Unlock and Change Avatar items
🥉250000 Gold + 1 Unlock and Change Avatar items
Administration [Post author]

The winners are:

🥇 -Nali-
🥈 Vlegaria]
🥉 Fazmigrum

All other participants are already received their rewards for submitted entries.

Thank you for your interest to Community page contests!

More events are coming soon! Stay tuned!
Sandor Clegane
So no winners? No participation trophy?
Tommen Baratheon
congratz to the winners| :D
And this is how this competition ends? Dozens of people have worked hard to make pictures, and you do not even choose to winners? Apparently it's not the first time this ends. I already know why the interest was so low. It's just meanness.
Bronn of Blackwater
Gijs Bert
So who won?
Guardian of the Pumpkins
Tommen Baratheon
not that i know