Treasure hunt basic rules
It's just a couple of hours before first 'Treasure Hunt' tournament will launch.

Please spare a few moments to check the rules for participation before diving into competition.

• Defeat other players and explore the Treasure hunt crypts to get Cursed treasures.

• Exchange your Cursed treasures in the tournament panel for tournament points.

• The more Cursed treasures you exchange at a time, the more tournament points you will get for each Cursed treasure.

• Each time you get Cursed treasures, a 40 minutes cooldown is triggered before further exchanges are possible.

• One hour before tournament ends, receiving Cursed treasures no longer triggers the cooldown on Cursed treasures exchange.

• Part of the stolen Cursed treasures from other players cities will burn.

• The Shield of Peace cannot be activated while you have an active march in the Treasure hunt crypts or if you have Cursed treasures in the city.

• You can't capture Cursed treasures while Shield of Peace bonus is active.

• At the beginning of the tournament, players are assigned to divisions according to their level.

• The players remain in their divisions until the end of the tournament.

• The best player in every division receives the “Treasure hunter” title.

• Treasure hunter title bonus: +5% chance for whole army to strike two squads, +5% chance to explore crypt twice.

• Players ranked 2 to 100 in every division receive the “Adventurer” title.

• Adventurer title bonus: +2% chance for whole army to strike two squads, +2% chance to explore crypt twice.

• Titles are active for 7 days.
I have enjoyed this challenge for the most part, it takes some time and thought.
Players of all nations STOP BUYING PACKAGES !!!! -Game administration should go to the store to buy reason !!! give us players all the nations that were from the crates when TB was created - I know that I will get a blockade on my account for my words but enough of your robbing honest people :(
Gracze wszystkich narodów STOP KUPOWANIA PAKIETÓW!!!! -Administracja gry niech idzie do sklepu kupić rozum !!! oddajcie nam graczom wszystkie narody jakie były ze skrzyń jak powstał TB - wiem że dostane blokade na konto za moje słowa ale dość waszego okradania uczciwych ludzi :(!
I like the idea behind this event...but...the title you get is totally useless...since I've had it, I have never seen the included bonus kick in even once. The crypts do seem to pay out a bit better at times but the cost of doing them is only winners in this event are the DEV'S...not the players
a gdzie sie podziały czaty, czat królestwa, czat klanu, wjebało bez wieści, jak wszystko w tej grze, nawet coś tak podstawowego jak czat nie potraficie zrobić porządnie. Gra do skasowania a wy wszyscy kopa z pracy , adios
How often will this competition be available?
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!