Update is coming soon!
Update day is quietly approaching...

More details will be revealed this weekend. Stay tuned!
Bo dla nich weekend zaczyna się w poniedziałek a kończy w sobotę . Dlatego też gra działa jak działa .
Shrek Kifurowski
weekend sie konczy a na zapowiedziach jak zwykle tez sie konczy :)

Hello Total. I have a question for Total. How much% = 100%?
Maybe someone can solve this task ,
because Total can not solve it :)

Witaj Total. Mam pytanie dla Total. Ile % = 100 % ?

Może ktoś potrafi rozwiązać to zadanie, bo Total może tego nie rozwiązać :)
Sir Argh the Naughty
oh god, another update. the game will get even worse....
You can give money for the game. But only for the game in which the game producer does not cheat you and rob you. However, Developer Total does everything to rob the player. You spend the money, buy a hero and he does not work. You are doing research to make them work faster in the mine, and they work slower in the mine - a hit. Dear players, do not buy anything from a Total thief.
Just here waiting........
si signore
Ragnar Kosmate Gacie
Dutch Joker
a very big problem in the game is to find new member or clans for merging. To many players are leaving the game before they reach a bigger level (about level 40-50). Reason: its cost to much time and money. Communication could be better. Play for free is not realy possible and player who put some money in, has to pay for the for-free-players.
I'd like to petition changes to the use of Ayrins. In principle they are a useful tool for players without enough players their own level to battle in their own kingdoms. Now though they are now being abused by players who set up a small account in other kingdoms, and then pass on information to be used by their main accounts with Ayrins to attack EVERY gold mine and many wellsprings in the target kingdom, and not just what they come across by chance or hard work. Now, I don't want to get rid of Ayrins, but AT LEAST, they need to be restricted to attacks in which the avatar itself is used, and not when sending a captain to attack or capture a resource in another kingdom.