New Hero is waiting!
The new Hero from the Land of the Rising Sun is waiting for you in the next update! 馃嚡馃嚨

Here is contest for the most curious players:

馃巵 The winner who guessed the peculiarity of your army's future leader most accurately will get the Unlock avatar item!

Show all your ingenuity and imagination and try to make the best guess of what kind of bonus we made for the new Hero.

馃晲 The results of the competition will be announced during game update.

馃挘 In order to make this contest even more interesting the author of the most unique and attractive bonus among those who will be far from the correct answer and which does not exist in the game yet, will also receive a present from development team!
avatar with a bonus that allows to prohibit the restoration of the enemy Hero from the Temple for a short period
He will have a limited time period where he becomes a beserker with twice the fighting power taking out larger opponents than normal.
new hero will give bonuses to damages done during cot against monsters or in kvk
The new hero, will be able to temporarily summon monsters, according to his/her might level. This also, will depend on the charge to the jewels, of his magic samurai sword. The level of monster summoned, will depend on how much of a charge the hero's samurai sword has built up over time. Players would be able to accelerate the time it takes to charge up their hero's samurai sword. This could be achieved with packs they can buy, or with gold earned in the game. This ability, would be used when marching on an enemies city, or other monsters. The level of the hero, will also determine, how long the summon will last. More time can be added to that, by buying packs, or with gold earned during the game.

The hero will also be able to temporarily summon another (4th) captain. This captain, could be used to harvest resources, to aid in a battle with monsters, or attack other players cities. The player, would be limited to 1 captain only. The captain would have to be one, which they are not already using. The duration of time the captain can be used, will be determined by how much, of a charge the hero's samurai sword has built up with time. Players can accelerate the time it takes to charge up the hero's samurai sword, with packs they can buy or gold earned during the game.

This hero, will also be able to summon a powerful, giant sumo wrestler. Only this hero can summon this monster. It's strength will be against city walls and melee troops. It will be able to smash through city walls with ease, and crush enemy melee troops This giant sumo wrestler, will have a weakness against flying troops or monsters.
2% pokonanego wojska wraca z bohaterem jako niewolnicy gotowi do walki przez 7 dni
New Hero ?????? He will have a specialty which will be able to change the team when he wants to and what he wants and the player will not know what the new avatar will receive during each update. It will be the quintessence of changes of avatars ... and about Marion this administration has forgotten because why remember ... will be new :)
Nowy Hero?????? B臋dzie mia艂 specjalno艣c kt贸r膮 bedzie m贸g艂 zesp贸艂 administracji zmienia膰 kiedy b臋dzie chcia艂 i na co bedzie chcia艂 a gracz nie b臋dzie wiedzia艂 co nowy avatar bedzie dostawa艂 podczas kazdej aktualizacji. To bedzie kwintesencja zmian avatar贸w .....a o Marionie to administracja zapomnia艂a bo po co pamietac 偶e zepsuli go jak mozna da膰 nowego za kt贸rego zap艂aca znowu w $ lub E. :)
He will give us first hit against monsters every time we use him

Hey Total, and what about the hero Marion. Buy a new hero and it will be like Marion :))))))