April calendar
This cannon is one of our most beloved troops. We were excited when it was initially concepted.
It was also a lot of fun to find a proper name for this serious weapon. What do you think about it?

Our artists prepared a special gift - a calendar for April that is available by the following link:

You've got me tired of the game.
You can't even answer messages.
This game is managing so bad people.
Soon if you continue to TB bankrupt ...
You sucked people out of the game as management.
Fıstıklı lokum
Selam dostlar ne güzel
lord rali of scots king of England
gdrhthrt hrtrryjy jfjfyj
Sir Reini
How about Annihilator
Mithril Antimarr
GRAND BOMBARD would be a better name for the artillery
Hmm I see that even though you say you have quit you are still here in the forums. That means you are finding it hard to move on. Do us players who still enjoy the game a favor and move on. Don't spoil it for us. We will quit when we want to quit ( addict here lol) . Every game has it upside and downside and yes some more than others. But as long as you enjoy it you keep playing and move on when you don't.