Where Is New Talent?
A brief instruction for those who are still trying to find new Hero Talent which increases the speed of troops marching to fight another player:

1️⃣ Click on a portrait of your avatar to open Characters menu,

2️⃣ Open Hero Talents interface by clicking a green button with Talent point icon under equipment slots,

3️⃣ Choose 'Expert battle tactics' section,

4️⃣ There you will be able to learn two separate Talents 'March speed against another player I' and 'March speed against another player II' with 20 levels for each.
Account Email Connection
One of the Total Battle's unique features is a possibility to play with the same account via any device.

You can continue existing game progress anywhere and anytime.

We highly recommend you to connect Total Battle account, created via Facebook or any other social network to Email.

You will be able to carry on playing even if your social network access was completely lost.

Please follow the instruction below to link your game progress to Email.

1) Login with Facebook account:
Press button with "f"-logo then enter your social network's login and password.
Your existing progress will become available.

2) Open "Account" section and choose Email connection section:
• Enter your Email address twice.
• Press "Connect" button.
• Check your mail to find a PIN.
• Copy & paste PIN, press "Connect" button.

3) Sign up using an Email and the password generated and sent to your Email address. Complete Tutorial.

4) Now you are able to change game progress in the "Account" tab, feel free to pick:
• Existing progress from social network
• Newly created empty account

Now you can sign up anywhere using your Email and switch easily between different accounts.
Summerfest Tips
Following your feedback, we have significantly improved rewards for opening Summerfest Chests.
They now include Mercenaries, while all building resources and Food have been completely withdrawn.

You can get Mercenaries from any Chest. They will be available for 7 days; you will always be able to revive them in the Temple, even if they die attacking enemy cities.

Following your other suggestions, we increased the event’s duration which will allow you to compete more effectively.

Please see some of our tips regarding Summerfest:

• We recommend you start by sending Captains to Crypts and make up a strong army by opening Summer Exploration Chests. Recall the importance of using relevant gear: the ones with bonuses to Crypt exploration and Tar production will come in handy.

• You can then switch to attacking Monster squad to gain Hunt Points and use them to open Summer Hunt Chests. Activate your army Strength and Health bonuses and use items from “Guardsmen Courage” gear set to crush the most dreadful monsters across your Kingdom.

• Finally, when your army is large enough, we recommend you to start fighting other players. Opening Summer Master Chests yields 100 points and will definitely contribute to your efforts in getting to the top of your Division.

Beside lots of sacks with Gems, many Chests of great army with Enchantments, craft materials and plenty of Dragon coins, winners will get one of the Fire titles that will last for a month!

There are but two weeks left until the event ends.
Make haste to participate and win precious rewards!

Good luck!
There are two main interaction screens: your city and the Kingdom map. You are able to construct and upgrade buildings in your city. You can find various resource tiles to farm, monsters to attack, and other players cities on the Kingdom map.

There are tabs on the bottom of the screen which allows you to perform different functions and a resources bar at the top of the screen that indicates your current stock of any resource, current production and consumption rates. The resources bar at the top has 3 different sets of information, wood/iron etc., Valor and Conquest points, and tar. Use the gold triangle at the far right of the bar to change between them.

You have a Capitol in your city. Gold ingots which can be sent to the kingdom Treasury as taxes are automatically produced here. You cannot use them yourself but the King that has been elected during the most recent 'Clash for the Throne' event can spend them for various purposes. You can also view statistics such as the bonus you are receiving from the tile your city is located on and information about what your city is producing.

On the bottom left corner of the map screen is the mini-map. You can zoom your map view in or out, and also use the globe to investigate other Kingdoms at the Global map. Above the mini-map are buttons to return to your city, show the clan Capital (if your clan has one), the ability to find a place on the map by its coordinates, and a landmarks tab. When you click on a city, or resource tile on the map there is a grey pin at the top between the coordinates. This can be used to save a list of places you may want to go back to, such as an ally or enemy cities, clan buildings, monster squads and other locations. The green square next to the pin allows you to copy the location coordinates and description to post in chat message later.

Above the mini-map is a circle that links to the currently ongoing events. Most of these are played across Kingdoms, however the 'Clash for the Throne' event is unique to each Kingdom. These events give rewards for placing in the top 100. Click on the event to learn details about what you need to do to score points and check available rewards.

On the top right of the screen is a button to open the ‘Shop’. Below is a blue circle with a gold cross. This button shows you what boosters you currently have active, personal, by your clan, by the King of your Kingdom, or by having gained a title by placing in an event. This button also tells you if you do not have enough food for your troops, and how much extra troops cost if that is the case. You can also use this button to activate boosters for Health, Valour, Experience etc., and it tells you how long your Shield of Peace will last if you have one. Below this tab is the 'Premium' button - use it if you wish to purchase a Premium status.

You should be familiar with all the tabs along the bottom of the screen from the tutorial, but the Clan, Warehouse and Chat requires a bit more explanation. The Clan tab allows you to view rules for your clan, members and their rank. When you have built a Portal master and been granted the rank of a Veteran by your clan Leader or Superiors, portals currently opened by members of your clan. You can use these to quickly travel to another location. Clan Leaders and Superiors can also accept and reject applications to join, promote members, and send messages to all clan members that appears in your Journal. Remember items in your Journal can be saved if a message contains important information.

Many items you receive in Chests will appear in your Warehouse. Browse the different sections to see where things are stored. Number of each bonus or Speedup you have is displayed on the bottom left of each type.

Chat has two different modes - individual or group. You will automatically have access to the default Kingdom Chat and a Clan Chat that can only be viewed by clan members. Many clans and Kingdoms have created other useful chat rooms, to locate these type in the name of the chat in the green “Find chat” box at the bottom left of the group chat screen. Many Kingdoms use one of these to enable players in that Kingdom to find the RoE (Rules of Engagement).
You start the game in a computer-generated clan. These clans are full of other brand new players. It is recommended to join a real clan as soon as possible. Check the Clan leaderboard or ask for advice in Kingdom Chat.

If you are not sure if a clan is a computer-generated click on the clan symbol. If there is a Leader - it is a real clan.

Real clans provide many benefits such as advices for novice players in clan chat. You will also receive chests every time anyone purchases a package, completes the exploration of a crypt, or slaying a Heroic Monster. An active clan also provides ‘Help’ to its members, decreasing 1% of the construction time for every help (with the maximum set by Capital level) a player hits. It also increases the clan area after clan Capital was built.

Military assistance can be both provided and requested in clans. To defend against attacks, to group march on players or portals, and (when your clan is strong enough) on Heroic Monsters. It can be quite useful for several smaller players to join together via reinforcing to help a clan mate in defence or attack. Clan portals are also very useful for finding targets or mines.

Once clan build a Capital and other clan buildings they get a clan area on the map that other non-clan players cannot teleport to nor open a portal in. It also enables the clan to activate special bonuses that affect clan members within the clan territory, such as a defensive CP bonus, 25% reduced construction time, 100% troop training etc. It also makes construction of Forts , which can be used to gather clan troops in a strongpoint for unshielded players to protect their troops.

Some Kingdoms have Rules of Engagement which prohibit attacks on clan Forts and Capitals, but these are not always followed.
You will be able to construct resource tiles (Wood, Iron, Stone, Silver, Food) on the Kingdom map by spending Great Architect Blueprints once your Capitol will be upgraded to 11 level. Click on a tile, pick Construct and it will show the type of resource you can construct. The amount of Blueprints required increases with your Capitol level as does the amount of resources that will be available in the tile.

Each tile type can only hold one type of resource:

Grasslands allow to construct Farms to make Food,
Jungle and Forest allows to construct Sawmills for Wood,
Plateau allows to construct Mines for Iron,
Highlands and Desert allows to construct of Villages for Silver.

Be careful with spending Blueprints as you only get a limited amount to start and small numbers from completing Daily Quests.

When using Speedups it is better to wait for your clan to help, as each help takes 1% of the total time off the construction, meaning less Speedups needed. Helping your clan members also increases the size of your clan’s territory if you have built a clan capital already.

As you level up the buildings in your city you will find often that you need to build something else prior to the building you want. For instance the Temple will require a certain level of Mansion once you go past level 9. The level of your Capitol will restrict the overall level of your buildings and also has a number of prerequisites. This only really affects you when crossing hard thresholds like level 9 to 10, and 14 to 15 etc., where you will also need to spend Great Architect Blueprints to advance any building in your city past that threshold. Each building costs 25 Blueprints to go from level 9 to 10 rising to 150 blueprints each building to go from level 14 to 15. Consider prioritising the Temple to make revival cheaper, Barracks to build more troops at a time faster, the walls for defence, and the Academy to speed research. Farm levels can also be very important, as each level or new farm increases bases production by 200 per hour.

Food supply is a critical issue to feed your troops and there is a few options to address this. All of the bonuses, no matter what type, are all worked out on your basic Food production though. There is no compounding effect i.e. moving to a 90% tile, and then a 100% food production booster would increase your original base to 190% of the original, not 380%.
The type of tile your city is located on affects production of a resource, or sometimes your cities defensibility. You can check this effect in statistics in the Capital.

There are also bonuses you can use in the Warehouse to increase Food production and decrease army upkeep cost by 25%.
Battle Basics
Each type of troop has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Spearmen are your most versatile troop as they have the highest carrying capacity so you need them to get resources from tiles on the map. They also have a bonus to their attack Strength against Mounted enemies and beasts. For example, against another player's Riders your Strength of your Spearmen is increased by 60% as same as against Mounted monsters. Against a monster classified as a Beast this bonus increases to 90% extra Strength which determines how much damage you do to the enemy.

Riders are expensive if compared to Spearmen but get a 50% attack bonus to Ranged monsters or troops (Archers).

Archers get a 45% bonus against Melee troops (Spearmen and Swordsmen) or monsters, and a 40% bonus against Flying monsters or troops (Griffins, which can be researched and produced later).

Swordsmen, a specialist troop, get a 100% bonus against humans, so it is wise to use them only against other players’ troops.

Catapults are expensive and take a lot of available troop slots on a March (10 times as many as an Archer, Spearman or Swordsman) and are only effective against walls. This normally means other players cities, but at higher levels you will also need them to hit Strongholds.

All of these boosts versus particular unit types as well as the Strength and Health of the units themselves will increase as you build higher level troops. There are also other ways to boost your units Strength by researching technologies, forging and using equipment, the way Hero Talent Points are distributed, Boosters such as Strength and Health, and Titles you may have earned in Events.

Scouts are a unique troop type that allows you to check the resources and troops in an enemy player's city or resource tile. They also protect you from other players trying to scout you. If you scout a player's city, any Scouts they have in the city will fight your scouts. If the defender wins you get no information other than the number of Scouts present.

To allow you to train as many troops as possible quickly it is recommended that you construct 10 Barracks in your city. This allows for one of every other type of building possible on large tiles to be built and increases the number of troops you can build and decreases the time taken to build each troop. Likewise on the small tiles it is recommended to construct only one Mansion, and Farms on all other tiles to support the largest army possible. It is also recommended to place your city on a resource tile that offers 90% bonus Food production to maintain a bigger army.

Revival of troops which can be conducted in the Temple is particularly important to maintain army size, as building new troops can be very slow. Some players however choose not to revive, and instead build new troops as it can be cheaper. Reviving troops killed in defence of your city, a resource tile, or an ally always costs the Silver resource which can be mined on the map at Villages. Troops used to attack other players or monsters ordinarily cost Gold to revive.

Troops cost Silver and Food to train and Food to maintain. There is a Food Indicator bar at the top of the screen, hovering on this will show how much Food is produced per hour, how much your troops consume, and your stockpile. If you are using too much Food, your indicator at the top is red, and troops training will cost more. Once your stockpile reaches zero troops Health and Strength will be reduced by 25%. If you are using too much Food you can choose not to revive some troops by clicking on the little cross on the troops in the revival window to permanently destroy them.

Battles are decided on the basis of troop numbers, Strength, Health, troop modifiers, the research you have conducted and the Talent points you have assigned for your Hero. There is also a random element, in who gets to strike first in battle. Your army’s Strength and numbers determine how much damage you will do to the enemy suring a strike or how much of their Health you will take with a hit. Opponent's Health will determine how many of your hits they can take. The enemy’s Strength and numbers determines how much damage they will give you with one hit. Your Health determines how many you can take.


• Your army - 100 Spearmen, 50 Strength, 150 Health, total 5,000 Strength and 15,000 Health.
• Enemy - 100 Dwarves, 28 Strength, 84 Health, total 2,800 Strength, 8,400 Health.

You can take five hits from the Dwarves, who could only withstand two hits from you. If you strike first (which is random) you would do 5,000 damage to the Dwarves, killing 59 of them. The 41 remaining Dwarves would then strike you causing 1,148 damage and killing 8 of your Spearmen. Your remaining 92 Spearmen would then hit the Dwarves for 4,600, more than the 3,400 remaining, and kill them.

Conversely, if the Dwarves strike first, they kill 18 Spearmen. Your 82 Spearmen would then kill 48 Dwarves. The remaining 52 Dwarves would kill 10 more Spearmen, your Spearmen would kill 44 Dwarves, leaving 8 Dwarves to kill one Spearmen before being eliminated. The difference between the random first strike is 8 spearmen to 29, in a simplified context.