The most valuable currency of the Kingdom. Use Gold to purchase bonuses and revive troops.
Get your daily gift! 🎁
St. Valentine's Day
Ayrin was returning home from another long trip to the neighboring Kingdom. This year's winter had seen some heavy snow❄, and even after defeating the Frozen Queen and getting her long-lost daughter back, she felt out of place. And now, coming back to her castle🏰, all she wanted was a hot bath and dinner with her daughters. Queen Ayrin did not at all expect what awaited her in the palace—everything was decorated with heart-shaped💟 rose bouquets and hearts💞 that had been carved out of every material one could imagine. She had completely forgotten about February 14th. Yes, she hadn't had a King for a long time, but that didn't mean the holiday should be abandoned. After all, she had two beautiful daughters whom she loved and who loved her back. - Mom, look how we've decorated the place! - Doria and Kate ran out of the palace to meet her, cheering, as soon as Ayrin's carriage stopped in front of the Capitol. - My sweet daughters, you've done well, - Ayrin smiled, hugging her children. - We love you,- the girls said in unison and all three of them laughed. - And I love you too. On this day we want to remind you that you don't necessarily have to spend St. Valentine's Day with your significant other. If you don't have one or they are far away, spend this day with your family and tell them once more how much you love them and how happy you are to have them. Love and be loved ❣
The Secret Love
A new event is ongoing in the Community!Don't miss the chance to win rewards! -->
New Event Notice
Dear friends,You may have noticed that some users have access to an unannounced feature. Anticipating
the question "Why can't I take part in the new event?", we would like
to clarify. The new PvP event is indeed only available to a small part
of the audience as it is launched in a test mode.We
strive to provide our audience with the most exclusive strategic
experience, so we decided to conduct such tests before releasing such
features for all players.We are not ready to upset you
with an unfinished event or tournament which can be modified based on
the feedback from a fraction of users. On the contrary, with this
limited launch, we aim to make the necessary improvements and provide
the broad audience with the best version of it.The
full launch of this event is possible in case of a positive response
from players, as well as technical stability of the feature, results of
studying the activity of its participants and other important
indicators. If we notice a lack of interest towards the feature, then we
willl focus on new ideas in order to offer you something genuinely
exciting!Along with the test of the new daily event, a
modified version of the roulette familiar from the last Halloween event
was made available to a fraction of players. We will carefully study
all the comments received and take a close look at the metrics to see if
this game mechanic has a chance of making a permanent return to the
game.We sincerely thank you for your understanding and helping us to continually improve the game!
Museum Selfie Day
🏛 Museums are a great way to learn about history and art and are lots of fun for friends and families everywhere. However, sometimes when museums don't allow photographs 📸, it can be difficult to enjoy remembering the times you had together. However, one day helps solve that situation, and that is Museum Selfie Day.📆 Museum Selfie Day invites the general public to go to a museum and take a selfie. Today, participating museums encourage visitors to take a selfie next to their favorite piece of art.⚱ ✨The best way to observe this day is to go to your local museum, find a favorite piece of art, and snap your selfie. But if you haven't a chance to go to the museum because of COVID-19, you can watch a movie set in a museum including House of Wax, Manhattan, Russian Ark, and Night at the Museum.🎞
If you were looking for a reason to hug your loved ones, then here it is! Today is International Hug Day! Reach out and hug your family and friends 🤗
National Bagel Day
Did you know that bagels in parchment paper that you are holding
today are remarkably unchanged ever since the 1600s? Happy National
Bagel Day! 🥯By the way, do you like bagels?
National Rubber Ducky Day
The Rubber Ducky 🦆 has been a joy for children all around the world
for over a century now! From the first patent in 1928 to mass production
of the iconic yellow rubber ducky in the early 2000s and to its
inclusion to the Toy Hall of Fame in 2013, the ducky has been a popular
companion for bathing to all. 🛁
Let's wish a happy birthday 🎇 to Ernie's Rubber Duckie and a happy National Rubber Ducky Day to all! 🎆
Korean American Day
Korean American Day is a holiday observed on January 13th annually and commemorates the first Korean immigrants' arrival to the U.S. It was first established by a holiday in 2003—on the 100th arrival of the first Korean immigrants to the United States in 1903 and it's been celebrated enthusiastically ever since. 🤝 There has been a lot to celebrate for Korean Americans over the past century or so. Sammy Lee was a two-time Olympic gold medalist in diving. Wendy Gramm served as U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission chair under Presidents Reagan and Bush. David Hyun was the architect who revitalized Little Tokyo in LA, and Hines Ward Jr played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Korean American Day is now enjoyed each year on January 13, which is the perfect excuse to snack on some kimchi.🍽 👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻 미주한인의 날은 미주한인이민 100주년기념사업회를 모태로 설립한 미주한인재단의 수고로 미국 연방의회가 2005년 12월 13일 하원에서, 16일 상원에서 만장일치로 '미주한인의 날'을 법으로 통과시키면서 역사적인 날로 확정되었다. 이로써 재미한인들은 한인 이민의 첫 발을 내디딘 1월 13일을 매년 '미주한인의 날(The Korean American Day)'로 공식화 하게 되었다.🤝 지난 세기 동안 한인들을 위해 축하 할 일이 많았다. Sammy Lee는 다이빙에서 두 번의 올림픽 금메달리스트였다. Wendy Gramm은 레이건 대통령과 부시 대통령 아래에서 미국 상품 선물 거래위원회 위원장을 역임했다. David Hyun은 LA의 Little Tokyo를 활성화 한 건축가 였고 Hines Ward Jr는 Pittsburgh Steelers에서 뛰었다. 이제 한인의 날이 매년 1 월 13 일에 열리고 있으며, 김치를 먹기위한 완벽한 날이다.🍽
Frozen Queen Is Here!
Frozen Queen is already in the fields of Total Battle!🌬 Attack the Frozen Queen and level up your Hero faster than attacking rare monsters!💪 Remember, the titles “Winter Hero”🐻 and “Winter Warrior”🦉 are active for 30 days!
Meet Frozen Queen
The snowstorm doesn't stop.🌬 It demolishes everything in its path, deprives it of visibility, stops life in cities. It is the Frozen Queen❄ who is advancing with her troops on the world of Kingdoms! There are only 4 hours left before her arrival! Get ready for a unique New Years' tournament! Rules: ♦ For two whole days you can quickly level up your Hero! ♦ Don't expect to win the battle, but rill monsters in the Epic Squad to get tournament points as well as Valor and Experience points. ♦ Different troop types will bring you more Experience and Valor Points. ♦ At the beginning of the tournament, players are assigned to divisions according to their level. ♦ Titles "Winter Hero" and "Winter Warrior" are active for 30 days after being acquired.💪
Happy New Year!
🎄Somewhere new year has already come, someone is just waiting for midnight to make a wish🙏 for the coming year. At this point, we want to thank all of you for having spent this challenging year with us! We've taken a big step away from Flash Player⚙, and have come up with many new tournaments⚔ and events☃, getting good and not-so-good feedback from you. This feedback allowed us to grow and become better. All thanks to you, dear players!❤ We want to wish you that your table is always full of delicious food🥧, family and friends👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 are always there in the game and life, and the worst avoided you. And we will try to please you with even cooler ideas and events in the game! Happy New Year 2021!🎄
The Warming Love
The last chapter of the story in the year 2020 is live -->'t miss out on the opportunity to win rewards!
Memories Left Behind
Once upon a time Ayrin was nothing like a shadow of her personality you saw before. And not without a reason...Follow the link to the next chapter of the story:
The Frozen Queen
The Frozen Queen is here…❄ Find out what is her weapon is in the next chapter of our Christmas story! Follow the link:
Christmas Dinner
There is something terrible hiding behind the blizzard and strong wind Our heroes still have no idea what awaits them... Meet the next chapter of our Christmas story!  Follow the link:
The most anticipated event on the fields of the kingdoms is very soon, but the snow continues to fall... ❄Meet the next chapter of our Christmas story!'s go!
December Calendar
The first day of winter has come! ❄ Winter is the most beautiful and magic season. White snow, frosty patterns on the windows, and Christmas coming. What can be better? Of course, it's our new December calendar!☃ Don't forget to take part in our lovely Winter festival~ And wait for more Christmas presents and events in the game! 🎄
Black Friday
Ladies and Gentlemen! 🎩
Exclusive Black Friday offers are already available in the Bank, don't miss on valuable limited item combos! 📊
Friday 13th
📆 Friday the 13th - the so-called "day of troubles," widespread due to numerous superstitions and myths, according to which it is on this day that one should constantly be on the alert, ready for any trouble; try to beware of all kinds of failure.🤾‍♀️ The irrational fear of the number 13 has been given a scientific name: "triskaidekaphobia"😱 ; and on analogy to this, the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia😣, from the Greek words Paraskeví (Παρασκευή, meaning "Friday"), and dekatreís (δεκατρείς, meaning "thirteen"). According to folklore historian Donald Dossey, the unlucky nature of the number "13" originated with a Norse myth about 12 gods having a dinner 🍽 party in Valhalla. The trickster god Loki, who was not invited, arrived as the 13th guest and arranged for Höðr to shoot Balder with a mistletoe-tipped arrow. Dossey: "Balder died, and the whole Earth got dark.🌚 The whole Earth mourned. It was a bad, unlucky day." This major event in Norse mythology caused the number 13 to be considered unlucky. As one expert said: "The two unlucky entities ultimately combined to make one super unlucky day." There is a list of actions that are not advised to take on this day, such as not having surgery, getting married, not going to a new job, not lending money, etc.🚗🚊💸 ❗ But it is important to remember that the fear of a "day of trouble" is just a superstition that has no rational basis, and only you determine how much it can affect your life. Do you believe in the unhappiness of Friday the 13th?👀 P.S. Let the biggest trouble that will happen to you today is an Epic monster's appearance because today is Doomsday. 😈
Return Of Jack
Jack🎃 the Reaper is already in the fields of Kingdoms! The final phase of the Halloween Event has already begun! Attack the Pumpkin leader and level up your Hero faster than attacking rare monsters! 📈 Remember, the titles "Ripper of Jack" and "Master of Witchcraft" are active for 30 days!
To celebrate the end of the Halloween event, Jack 🎃 returns once again to help you level up your Hero!  Don't miss your chance to get stronger!💪 Rules: 🍭A unique chance to level up your Hero!  🍭Don't expect to win the battle, but rill monsters in the Epic Squad to get tournament points as well as Valor and Experience points.  🍭Different troop types will bring you more Experience and Valor Points.  🍭At the beginning of the tournament, players are assigned to divisions according to their level. Titles "Ripper of Jack"🎃 and "Master of Witchcraft"🧙‍♂️ are active for 30 days after being acquired.
The Grand Finale
Audacious conquerors ⚔️ The grand finale is here! Help Dustan and Logos to fend off the greatest evil Kingdoms yet faced!To Battle -->
Our heroes have found out the reason why the body was stolen. They still don't know what's waiting for them ahead. Follow the link to learn more:
The Night Full Of Nightmares
Tonight is one of the most difficult for King Alrick's son, Dustan. In the fourth post on Halloween, you will find out what he fears the most.    Let’s go!
Tricks Of Fate
The treacherous cultists lured Alric's traitors into their network. What will happen? Hurry up and find out in the new post and also get a chance to get exceptional rewards!   Let's go!
We are so happy to see how our users reach new heights 🏔 This time we would like to congratulate Yar on unlocking the 9th tier of the Engineer corps. He is the first one who researched Fortress Walls II and Josephine II. Keep it up 💪
Someone sneaked into the castle. Help the heroes solve the mystery of the attack and gain a chance to win exceptional rewards! Hurry, they need your help: -->
Players kicked Jack the Reaper, but it's not over yet! His minions - 🎃Pumpkin monsters🎃 have filled all the Kingdoms! The second stage of the Halloween event begins! 🍭Destroy Pumpkin monsters on the Kingdom map and earn Pumpkin Coins, which you can spend in the "Pursuit of Treats" tournament. 🍭Earn extra Valor Points and Treats to spend in the Spooky Lottery. 🍭Spend treats in the Spooky Lottery, spin the roulette wheel, and get prizes! One of the roulette prizes is an additional bonus for Valor Points, which works on absolutely all monsters on the map! Special squads of mercenary Witches🧙‍♀️ will come to your aid in the Pumpkin Hunt, do not miss the chance to recruit them to your troops! And the most important surprise - Jack will return on October 31, on the eve of All Saints Day!🎃🧛‍♂️
Jack Is Here!
Jack🎃 the Reaper is already in the fields of Total Battle! Attack the Pumpkin leader and level up your Hero faster than attacking rare monsters! 📈 Remember, the titles "Ripper of Jack" and "Master of Witchcraft" are active for 30 days!
Meet Jack
Do you hear this howl? It is Jack 🎃 the Reaper who is advancing with his troops on the world of Total Battle! There are only 4 hours left before his arrival! Get ready for a unique Halloween tournament! Rules: 🍭A unique chance to level up your Hero! 🍭Don't expect to win the battle, but rill monsters in the Epic Squad to get tournament points as well as Valor and Experience points. 🍭Different troop types will bring you more Experience and Valor Points. 🍭At the beginning of the tournament, players are assigned to divisions according to their level. Titles "Ripper of Jack"🎃 and "Master of Witchcraft"🧙‍♂️ are active for 30 days after being acquired.
The Kingdom Is In Danger
The Kingdom is in danger!
Help the brave heroes resist mysterious foes and gain a chance to win exceptional rewards!

Hurry, the heroes need your help: -->
🧟‍♀️ Last-minute ideas for your Halloween outfit! 🧛‍♂️💡 Check what you already own before rushing to a craft store or starting to fill your online shopping cart❗️💡Most of the homemade costumes are created from what was found hanging in a closet❗️💡 If you still struggle to make a decision about your party look why won't you put on some clothes of a character from your favorite game❓ This is fun and you will get guaranteed rewards!Just follow this very simple rule:• Take a photo of yourself (your friend or pet 😄) dressed as one of Triumph's Hero, Captain, or even a monster and share a link to it in the comments to this post.🎁 The rewards are great! ⬇️🔥 Each participant with an original entry will get 150000 Gold!Winners:🥇1000000 Gold + any $249 package🥈500000 Gold + any $99 package
🥉250000 Gold + any $49 package🎃Halloween👻 costume contest is open until the 30th of October! ⏳
Día Nacional De España
En este día, hace 528 años, la Santa María ancló cerca de las costas del Nuevo Mundo.¡Queremos felicitar a todos nuestros jugadores celebrando el Día Nacional de España!¡Que el viento de la vida sople siempre en sus velas!
Where Are You From?
Communication in our game is one of the most important parts! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 ☕ Have you ever meet your Triumph friends? How was it? Here you can find friends from your country and city. Please share your hometown and kingdom in the comments below, and maybe you'll find a friend near to you. 🕵️‍♂️
K26 Wants You
A herald named kayos from a kingdom far away proclaims:"K26
ROP are looking for active solo players or clans to join our friendly
kingdom we have plenty of room and are open to help players and clans
grow with us why not come and join the fun" 📯
Tag Der Deutschen Einheit
Genau vor 30 Jahren hat sich Deutschland an diesem Tag  vereinigt!Wir möchten unsere besten Glückwünsche an die Spieler von Total Battle aussprechen, die den Tag der Deutschen Einheit feiern!Wir wünschen Ihnen einen wunderschönen Tag und gute Laune!
Seekers of the untold!The earth trembles and shakes, mountains quake - the mighty underworld monsters are ripping through the earth's core to seal the doom of this world!Valorous generals, only under your command can your troops face this tremendous danger and not flee in terror. Sharpen your swords andspears, hire skilled soldiers and intrepid mercenaries, and make them all follow you into the abyss in search of forbidden knowledge!The Armageddon event has just started. 😈Make haste to defeat the horrendous creatures and glorify your name in battle!💪
Odd One Out Event Results
Noble governors 👑The Odd one out event is over. Greet the luckiest adventure seekers of Total Battle:🔶 PokerFace
🔶 Sultan RESAT
🔶 BrutalerBreiterBruda🔶
Heroic pigeon🔶
BronxThank you for participating and see you on the battlefield! Rewards have already been credited to your aсcounts! 🎁💎
Odd One Out
Endless wars in the world of Total Battle bring you glory, enable you
to become whoever you want and allow you to proudly hold a title for
each merit achieved 👑Let's see how well you know what
your options are. Identify three titles that don't exist and write it
down in the comment section below. Ten players selected at random from
the ones to have posted a correct answer will receive decent rewards
Clan Member's Recruitment
Brave warriors!💪 If you are looking for a clan or your clan does not have enough members - write announcements in the comments.📝 Everyone deserves to be in the clan created by the players!🧙‍♂️
Mutual aid is an integral part of the clan's life. Thanks to Caravans you have an opportunity to help your clanmates and the clan develop. How often do you send resources to your allies or clan buildings? 🐢 - once in a while 🐎 - several times a week 🐫 - every day 🐘 - every few hours Choose your option and share the answer in the comments below ⬇️
Chosen By Fortune Event Winners
Daring explorers! 👑The Chosen by Fortune event is over. Greet the luckiest adventure seekers of Total Battle:🔶 SugarStorm
🔶 Ghostwalker 🔶
Sniper 🔶
Megninad 🔶
The DANdy Highwayman🔶
ThisIsBob 🔶
Mrs Manslaughter 🔶
Lukasz 🔶
Gavedziarz Waleczny Thank you for participating and see you on the battlefield! Rewards have already been credited to your acounts! 🎁💎
The International Day Of Peace
👉The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution 36/37, the General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.” Celebrating an event has a variable meaning. That is, every year it is dedicated to different problems and is held under different mottos. This year, the General Assembly declared this Day of Peace a day of strengthening the ideals of peace among all countries and peoples - both at the national and international levels. This year it has become clearer than ever that people are not enemies to each other. Rather, our common enemy is a dreaded virus that threatens our health, safety, and lifestyle. The COVID-19👑 pandemic has thrown our world into disarray and reminded us that what happens in one part of the planet can affect the lives of people everywhere. ❗Important! Let's make it so that wars will be only in movies and games.🎞🧩🎮 We are for a calm life and a bright future without any conflicts. The task for today: Give up aggression and violence on this day. 😇
‘Doomsday’ Just Got Easier For Novice Players!
Dear players!There are only a few hours left before the 'Doomsday' tournament launches so we would like to remind you of the changes that were added to this event earlier this week during the game update.We have lowered the entry threshold to the tournament making it easier to succesfully participate for beginners.The development team was committed to making it easier for newcomers to earn Valor points so that they can progress faster in the early stages of the game. Participation in the 'Doomsday' tournament is an excellent way to achieve this goal. This tournament was not interesting for beginners due to the noticable difference between the characteristics of the army available at the beginning of the game and the serious Strength of the Epic Undead Squad, as well as due to the lack of Valor points to unlock the Technologies required to train stronger troops.Please note that these changes in the Epic Undead Squad made it easier to obtain Valor and Experience Points only for players with II and III troop levels unlocked.For players with troop levels IV and above absolutely nothing has changed.Detailed description of the recent adjustments of the tournament:- The total amount of Valor and Experience points of the Epic Undead Squad has not changed.- The total Strength of each monster squad included in the Epic Undead Squad has not changed.- The total Strength of the entire Epic Undead Squad also remained unchanged.- The only qualitative change is related to the decreased Health of the monsters in the squads. Killing at least one monster of the squad (and getting Valor and Experience points as a reward) now requires much lesser damage, thus allowing you to effectively play 'Doomsday' even if you can only train low-level troops.According to the list above these changes in the composition of the Epic Undead Squad will not affect the process of participation in the tournament for advanced players.
😄If you’re a user of emoticons or even a humble :-) or :-( then today, you’ll want to thank Professor Scott E. Fahlman because, on this day in 1982, he suggested that people could use these signs for “joking” and “serious.” For more than 30 years of its existence, the emoticon has become an invariable attribute of electronic communication, and many can no longer imagine how they could live without it. And, of course, a lot of "emoticons" have appeared during this time, carrying different semantic and emotional coloring. "Smiley" 😀 replaces what is lacking in communication via chat or e-mail - voice intonation and facial expressions. "Smilies" help understand the companion better and catch his mood; in the end, they are just funny and evoke positive emotions. How often do you use emoticons? Share your TOP-3 most frequently used emoticons in the comments below.😊
This seasonal 🍂 competition connects users with identical performance across basic playing fields. Thus suitable contestants are matched with each other to keep participation still interesting and challenging. We advise you to carefully evaluate your strongest sides and start from most fitting activities. Enter the tournament by Crypts' exploration if you focused on materials' raiding earlier. There is a chance that you mostly used one specific Captain while skipping leveling up of Guardsmen or completely ignoring Specialists. You will definitely be able to upgrade Autumnfest 🍁 Chest to the maximum if you do what you best at! Earn more points, spend rewards to evolve further, and switch to Monster hunting or battles against rival players.
🍁Autumnfest will launch in a few minutes!🍂We would like to remind you of the simple rules of participation:• Kill monsters, explore crypts, and burn other players' cities to gain event's different currencies.• Use these currencies to open special Reward Chests and earn rating points along with awesome rewards.• Top-100 players of your Division to score the most event rating points will become winners. 🎁 Do your best to become victorious!Good luck!
Dear users! On Sunday, September 20, technical works will be carried out on the side of our external provider that provides access to the global network for the game. These works are scheduled for morning hours, from 7:00 to 9:00 UTC. The development team is already preparing for it and doing their best to avoid a complete shutdown of the game servers during the specified hours. There may be short-term interruptions in the functioning of some in-game services though. In some kingdoms, users may encounter an issue connected with delayed receiving Journal reports.   Once the external provider finishes the works, all players will receive compensation from the Administration of the game.
Our players’ achievements will not go unnoticed. We would like to congratulate the player named Bart from BB4 on the opening of the full set of 9th tier Specialists! It wasn’t an easy goal, for sure, but he made it! We believe that determination was a key ingredient of his success.
Dark times have come - the Shadow troops have invaded the game! 
Do you hear it? The shadow squads are on their way. 🦇 Just a few hours, and you will be able to participate in the first Shadow Invasion tournament, designed specifically to get an increased number of Conquest Points. ⚔You have a unique opportunity to earn Conquest points without attacking other players!📍At the beginning of the tournament, all players are divided into divisions according to the level of the Hero. 📍You can send marches to the Shadow City with the Hero and the captains at the same time!📍We recommend sending several different types of troops to get more Conquest Points.📍The “Shadow Slayer” and “Light Keeper” titles received by the top 100 players in each division will be valid for 30 days.
Troops Amount
How many troops do you have? Do you prefer to have many troops in your city, or train them as needed? 🐱‍🚀 Share screenshots in the comments below or write how many troops you have at the moment.
The Last Great Hunt
The latest, 5th in a row, Great Hunt tournament has come to an end. We were pleased to see how much interest this event aroused in you.Some clans showed their unity and perseverance in the fight for victory in the Great Hunt. We’d like to highlight a clan called Остров which succeeded to take the first place at the end of the latest tournament.The members of this newly created clan showed a real will to win! In the previous two Hunts, they were close to their main opponent, BritishBulldogsX, and reached the 2nd place twice. They didn’t give up and it wasn't for nothing! Congratulations on your well-deserved victory!Based on the results of all the Great Hunt tournaments, we have compiled the list of top 10 clans that scored the highest total number of tournament points: 🥇 [BBX] BritishBulldogsX - 3 223 900🥈 [OST] Остров - 2 236 100🥉 [IOC] Instruments of Chaos - 1 887 600🔸 [ZCI] ZJEDNOCZENI - 1 819 400🔸 [VV1] Valiant Vigilantes - 1 778 300🔸 [AuD] Ангелы и Демоны - 1 587 100🔸 [МИР] МИРОТВОРЦЫ - 1 440 300🔸[RUS] ЛЕГИОН - 1 428 700🔸[SOA] Sons of Anarchy II - 1 404 200🔸[TMI] THE MISFITS - 1 276 200The members of the clans which is on this list of top 10 clans will receive an additional pleasant surprise from the Administration 🎁 Thank you all for participating in the event! We are going to improve the Great Hunt in the nearest future by adding some fixes and changes, and thus make it more interesting for you! Follow the Community page so that you won’t miss news about the re-launch of the tournament!
Chosen By Fortune
Daring challengers, we offer you a unique opportunity to win valuable gear pieces! 🛡️🗡️Post the names of equipment pieces and the crypt depicted on the image. Ten
randomly selected players out of all to have posted a correct answer
will receive materials to craft all items depicted of epic quality! 💎🎁
Lucky Giveaway Contest Rewards
Fortune's chosen ones! 👑The Lucky Giveaway event is over. Greet the luckiest generals of Total Battle:🔶 Tygozuru
🔶 Gryunnoston 🔶
КнязьОблако 🔶
Eykayen 🔶
Snowweaver 🔶
Михалыч 🔶
Arashigore 🔶
Rendmingven 🔶
you for participating and see you on the battlefield! Rewards have already been credited to your acounts! 🎁💎
Lucky Giveaway
Noble governors 👑VIP status grants you decent advantages in nearly all aspects of the game and is a must-have for any aspiring general 🥇So
here's the deal: identify which of the icons below is the true one to
get a 30-day VIP activation item along with 250K VIP points and a decent
gold present! 🏆Ten players selected at random from all those to have posted a correct answer before September 7 will be rewarded 💎🎁
Know Your Enemy Contest Rewards
Wise generals 👑The Know Your Enemy contest is over. Meet the most sharp-sighted commanders in the world of Total Battle:🔶 Fergas
🔶 Ildaning
🔶 Earrafad
🔶 chlipouno
🔶 Sultan RESAT
🔶 thrall
🔶 Элгинан
🔶 Cyrus The Great
🔶 Graveleye
🔶 Tiger Boy
🔶 Lorel
🔶 Aragorn
🔶 Tazz Darkmane
🔶 Elgorm
🔶 Saithirus
🔶 SUZe
🔶 Kebrinir
🔶 Dutch Courage
🔶 Rali
🔶 -Nali-
Thank you for participating and see you
on the battlefield! The gifts have already been credited to your
accounts, congratulations! 🎁💎
Name The Hero
How well do you know all our heroes and captains?👸🧔🧙‍♂️ Can you tell them apart by their eyes?👀 Write the names of the characters you see in this picture!Five players chosen randomly among those to have posted a correct answer will get a decent reward! 👸👑
Know Your Enemy
A wise general knows the traits of his foes well enough to ensure victory! ⚔️🗡️
Commander, identify your enemies in the picture below and point out one
who doesn't share a common trait with the rest and thus can't be
defeated the same way as others. Share your ideas in the comment section
below. Twenty random players to have posted a correct answer will receive a decent reward! 🎁💎 The event will end on August 31 🕐
Royal Generosity Contest Winners
Astute governors! 🎓The Royal Generosity event is over. Greet the luckiest generals of Total Battle:🔶 Serduel 🔶 Dracna 🔶 Rocket II🔶 Sadi 🔶 Виктория Thank you for participating and see you on the battlefield! The gifts have already been credited to your accounts, congratulations! 🎁💎
Royal Generosity
The job of various researchers in your Academy is tiresome: always
seeking for ways to improve something that it would seem can't be
improved anymore. And yet they always find a way... Have you ever
wondered how much your city's scientists are paid? 🎓💰 Your
loyal bookkeepers may do the math for you, but they can't fully
appreciate the extent of researchers' work. They deserve a bonus on top
of their paychecks this time! 🔶 Try solving the last
equation 🔶 Write your answer in the comment section below. Five players
chosen randomly among those to have posted a correct answer will get a
decent reward! 👸👑
International Lefthanders Day Contest Winners
Skillful penmen! ✒ The International Lefthander's Day contest is over. Greet the most talented calligraphists among the generals of Total Battle: 🔶 Ragefury   🔶 Civan 🔶 Mugor Thank you for participating and see you on the battlefield! The gifts have already been credited to your accounts, congratulations! 🎁💎
We want to thank all the players who took part in the first Great Hunt clan tournament. Thank you for your feedback, we need to know your opinion to make the tournament and the whole game more interesting and exciting! We promise that we will fix all the bugs that you found in the tournament as soon as possible, and all suggestions will be forwarded to the development department. ❗You can take part in the tournament four more times: August 22, August 28, September 3, and September 9. Victory will go to the most united and active clans!💪 All participants of the first "Great Hunt" will soon receive a gift from the tournament developers.🎁
The 'Great Hunt' Tournament!
Prepare for the 'Great hunt'! ⏳ Tournament starts in 12 hours!During this tournament, Clan members will be required to complete special quests: contracts to defeat monsters.Each monster that you defeat for a contract earns tournament points for your Clan.In the Great Hunt, each player will have their own cumulative tournament bonus for Valor and Experience points. This bonus will increase depending on the number of contracts completed. Keep in mind that the bonus effect will be applied to Valor and Experience points that are earned by defeating monsters for contracts.
International Lefthanders Day
Wise savants! Today is the International Lefthanders
Day! Did you know that some of the great generals commanding armies and
waging wars in the world of Total Battle are also left-handed? Here's
the deal: if you are left-handed, write Total Battle on a piece of
paper and make a picture of it. Post a link to the picture of your writing in the
comment section below to be evaluated by other members of our Community. In order to evaluate a comment, click "Reply" below and put a + in the thread. Top-3 liked photos will receive a large gold gift and a free
name-change item!
Dear users, Technical maintenance will be started in 40 minutes. Game servers will be unavailable for a couple of hours. They will be run again as soon as the update is completed. What new is waiting for you in the updated version of the game? The first tournament for clans, an ability to customize heroes and much more!
International Cats Day
International Cats Day was celebrated on August 8.We believe that humanity is divided into two parts: those people who love cats and those who don't. Are you a cat or a dog lover? Pick an emoji of a cat 🐱 or a dog 🐶 and share it into the comments!Soon we'll see which pets win!
Armageddon Has Started
Dauntless warriors!Lava
streams are pouring down the torn earth's crust where the deadly
monsters came out of the deep... All hail the return of the mighty Fire
Hydra!The Armageddon event has just started. Make haste to defeat the horrendous creatures and glorify your name in battle!
Armageddon Is About To Start
Seekers of the untold!The
earth trembles and shakes, mountains quake - the mighty underworld
monsters are ripping through the earth's core to seal the doom of this
world! Valorous generals, only under your command can your troops face
this tremendous danger and not flee in terror. Sharpen your swords and
spears, hire skilled soldiers and intrepid mercenaries and make them all
follow you into the abyss in search of forbidden knowledge!The Armageddon event will start in a few hours, don't miss out on the opportunity to make your hero a living legend!
We have great news for you! 
During the maintenance, we will re-launch the Armaggedon tournament. It will start on August 8 and last two days. Follow the tournament schedule 🗓
Dear users!We are planning to stop the game server in 30 minutes. The technical maintenance will take about an hour. Please accept our sincere apologies for this temporary inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and support!
Summer isn’t over yet! Let’s celebrate Watermelon Day together!  We suppose that some of you prefer melons to watermelons. Which side are you on? Pick 🍉or 🍈 and add it to the comments below ⬇️   We’ll soon find out which fruit wins!
Dear users, We have decided to postpone the game update due to the issues which came up during testing. Great news: game servers are available! :)
14 Juillet
Chers amis,

Nous vous joignons ce jour pour célébrer les valeurs de liberté, d'égalité et de fraternité partagées à travers plusieurs nations du monde.

Nous espérons que ce jour de fête nationale sera composé de moments joyeux, de bonheur et de rires.

Pétards et feux d'artifice, nous vous souhaitons de tous nos cœurs un bon 14 juillet !
Video Game Day!
📣Are you a gamer? If you see this post on our community page, of course, you are! So today is your day because 🌎 National Video Game Day happens on July 8!  Video games are exciting, stimulating, and, most importantly — not just for kids. Today, there are over five million games in existence. From high-speed racing adventures to perilous virtual dueling matches, there’s a genre for everyone to enjoy!  Video Game Day is a great excuse to spend the entire day playing games with your family and friends. So go out there and play Total Battle and make sure you have plenty of snacks. 🥓🍫😎  💡 How to Celebrate ❔ Participate in the Ruthless Slaughter event. It’s the best day to level up your Hero and Captains! Play Total Battle with your friends. It gives you much more fun and enjoyment from the game. Like ❤️ this post on the official community to get special prizes 🎁
📖Daring explorers and knowledgeable beholders!This day, 112 years ago, the Tunguska meteorite hit the sparsely populated Eastern Siberian Taiga, destroying tens of millions of trees and manifesting the scale of possible destruction caused by such a catastrophic event as a meteorite impact.In 2014, on December 3, Stephen Hawking, Grigorij Richters, Danica Remy, Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart and Queen's guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May co-founded the Asteroid Day. Later, in 2016, the event was officially supported by the United Nations. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to raise public awareness about asteroids and how to protect the Earth from the impact hazard.Have you ever witnessed the fall of an asteroid, however small it would be? Or, if you haven't yet, then what would you imagine this event to look like?Share your real experience or make up a colorful story about the fall of an asteroid (in real world or in that of Total Battle) in the comment section below in order to win a valuable gift. The Administration will select the best story and offer the winner the most expensive "Protect Your City" package! 🎁
Brave warriors, to arms!Very soon, Hydra will appear on the maps of all realms in the world of Total Battle. Are you ready to join the battle with this monster and show your heroism?Remember that the reward for the battle is valuable experience points for your hero!
Daily Quests
📣Valorous warriors!On our neverending crusade to continuously improve the game, we have recently added a brand-new Daily Quest feature that allows you to receive decent rewards for your activity within the game. We humbly ask you to share your impressions about this new progress-enhancing element of Total Battle.How many chests 🎁 have you opened last week? We're sure you managed to beat that result this week - tell us about it!Share your ideas and impressive achievements in the comment section below.
Today is Father's Day. We congratulate you on this holiday! Being a father is not an easy task, but we are sure that you are doing a great job in this role. We wish that mutual understanding, warmth, and love always reign in your families! Do you have kids? If yes, how many? Share your answers in the comments below this publication. Let’s see if we have a record for the number of children in a family :)
This Is Summerfest!
Woo-hoo! “Summerfest” has started!  Congratulations on the start of a seasonal event. Let the summer sun shine brightly and inspire you to new achievements in our game! Are you still thinking about whether to take part in the festival? The title for getting into the top-100 of your division is valid for a whole month! Let’s play!
Summerfest is coming! The seasonal event will start on Saturday. For the whole week players will be able to open special tournament chests, win valuable rewards and reach Top-100 Leaderboard of their respective Division. We’d like to remind you basic rules of the seasonal event: • Destroy monster squads, fight other players or explore crypts to get tournament currency. • Event ratings are partitioned into Divisions, each corresponding to participant's Hero level. • Open special chests using the tournament currency and gain event points to score in your Division’s Top-100. Make haste to participate in ‘Summerfest’ and win valuable prizes!
Oops! Something went wrong... nobody was expecting that. 😬 Currently, you may experience issues with constructing new clan buildings.  The fix is expected no earlier than on MONDAY, JUNE 15.  In the meanwhile, you have some time to work on your strategy since there is no more option to demolish destroyed forts and build new ones.❗️Please avoid demolishing Forts at all costs.
The game server is scheduled to stop at ~11 a.m. UTC today. Please refrain from the in-game activity for a while. Thank you for your loyalty and patience!
Gift For Maintenance Downtime
Greetings from development team!Game update is successfully completed.We are starting to send gifts to all players who logged in to the game today until 6:00 pm UTC.Please note that starting July everyone will be getting compensation for downtime automatically immediately after server start.A special window with timer will appear and rewards will increase as maintenance time passesToday we manually multiplied all reward items to downtime hours.You will receive your gifts soon.Sincerely yours,
Total Battle team
Summer Puzzle
📣 The game server will be stopped again soon.  This is a necessary step that we need to make in order to bring our update to its logical conclusion. To brighten up your expectation, we have prepared a new 🧩.Click on the link to take part in the competition and get a prize for completing the puzzle:
Clan Marches Issue
Dear players!We are aware that there is a critical issue with Clan Marches against other players (Cities or Clan Capitals).Currently we are trying to fix this problem as soon as possible.Additional server stop is preliminary planned for 5:00 pm UTC or later.Shortly after this we will distribute increased 🎁 with rewards for your patience.
Psst... Are you good at keeping secrets?We've decided to open the curtain and introduce one of the new captains.How do you think, what type of units he could lead with the highest benefit?Share your guesses in the comments below the publication. We'll see how many experienced warriors among us.The first player who correctly guesses the type of troops will receive a generous gift!