Dear users!

During today's maintenance we managed to fix the following issues:

1. The start of regular tournaments: tournaments will now begin one after another, and you will be able to participate in them;

2. The bonus from the Haemon Hero's avatar: it now works the same as before, regardless of the location of your Hero.

Your reward, as compensation for maintenance time, already awaits you in a message from the Administration in the event Journal.
Chat Update News

Dear players!
Today we released the chat update, and we'd love to get your feedback and comments.
The copy-paste function now works as follows:In order to paste coordinates or a link to the journal into chat, you need to use the special button that looks like two green squares, next to the "Send" button. To paste regular text messages, you can still use the key combinations Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.


The most valuable currency of the Kingdom.

Use Gold to purchase bonuses and revive troops.

Get your daily gift! 🎁



Use it to speed up Construction, Troop training or Research processes.

Get your daily gift! 🎁



Use it to speed up Construction, Troop training or Research processes.

Get your daily gift! 🎁



The most valuable currency of the Kingdom.

Use Gold to purchase bonuses and revive troops.

Get your daily gift! 🎁



Use it to reduce March time by 25%.

Get your daily gift! 🎁

Contest True Or False
Hi everyone!
Doria has brought something for you! Can you guess which of these are true and which are false?
It’s winner takes all! 
Clan Medals

Another feature of the recent update is Clan Medals.
Today we are asking for your opinion! Please let us know what you think of this feature in the comments.
We really appreciate your effort to help us make the game better.

Building Interface

Dear players,

As always, we are open to your responses and opinions. An update was released a couple of days ago, and, of course, the most important thing for us is your feedback.

What do you think of the new building interface in the mobile version? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! 

Easter Community Event

Brave warriors!

There is a new event ongoing in the Community!

Help Proscope to catch a thief! -->

Easter Events

Dear friends,

While spring has been thawing the thick winter blanket, Easter events have already started across all kingdoms!

Gather Easter eggs in order to fill your “Easter Basket”: the more eggs you collect, the more unique rewards you will get in the event! Earn carrot seeds in the “Carrot Harvest” event by completing Daily missions and claiming Percival’s daily gift. Spend the seeds to build Carrot Monsters, then attack them with your entire clan to get Delicious carrots along with unique clan chests. The more Delicious carrots you earn, the more eggs you will get!

Defeat Werebeast squads on the Kingdom Map to participate in the “Pursuit of Easter” tournament. Earn Wolf coins to get even more Easter eggs! Gather Easter trophies to participate in the “Easter Competition” event and get a chance to win a unique title, dragon coins and the most precious types of tar!

Easter Is Coming

Dear players,

We are happy to announce that Easter events are starting at 09:00 PM (UTC +0) March 28 in anticipation of the holiday itself!

Multiple diverse game activities await! Make haste to participate, win rewards and get some awesome mood!

Update Is Over

Dear friends,

The update is over and we are happy to tell more about what was fixed in the game!

  • City Walls are now correctly displayed

After the recent update many players had City walls of different levels displayed in the defense troops. Now all the walls are displayed correctly!

  • Caravan launch error

Previously, some players had to open the caravan launch interface again upon the return of one of the captains from a march. Now that window is displayed correctly despite the return of one of the captains from a march!

  • Daily mission progress is correctly synchronized with points scored.

  • All burning walls have been restored.

  • Restored game progress for players who accidentally created a new account.

  • Battle of Challengers’ result notification will no longer be displayed to players who did not participate in it.

St. Valentine's Day

Ayrin was returning home from another long trip to the neighboring Kingdom. This year's winter had seen some heavy snow❄, and even after defeating the Frozen Queen and getting her long-lost daughter back, she felt out of place.

And now, coming back to her castle🏰, all she wanted was a hot bath and dinner with her daughters.

Queen Ayrin did not at all expect what awaited her in the palace—everything was decorated with heart-shaped💟 rose bouquets and hearts💞 that had been carved out of every material one could imagine. She had completely forgotten about February 14th. Yes, she hadn't had a King for a long time, but that didn't mean the holiday should be abandoned. After all, she had two beautiful daughters whom she loved and who loved her back.

- Mom, look how we've decorated the place! - Doria and Kate ran out of the palace to meet her, cheering, as soon as Ayrin's carriage stopped in front of the Capitol.

- My sweet daughters, you've done well, - Ayrin smiled, hugging her children.

- We love you,- the girls said in unison and all three of them laughed.

- And I love you too.

On this day we want to remind you that you don't necessarily have to spend St. Valentine's Day with your significant other. If you don't have one or they are far away, spend this day with your family and tell them once more how much you love them and how happy you are to have them. Love and be loved ❣

The Secret Love

A new event is ongoing in the Community!

Don't miss the chance to win rewards! -->

New Event Notice

Dear friends,

You may have noticed that some users have access to an unannounced feature. 

the question "Why can't I take part in the new event?", we would like
to clarify. The new PvP event is indeed only available to a small part
of the audience as it is launched in a test mode.

strive to provide our audience with the most exclusive strategic
experience, so we decided to conduct such tests before releasing such
features for all players.

We are not ready to upset you
with an unfinished event or tournament which can be modified based on
the feedback from a fraction of users. On the contrary, with this
limited launch, we aim to make the necessary improvements and provide
the broad audience with the best version of it.

full launch of this event is possible in case of a positive response
from players, as well as technical stability of the feature, results of
studying the activity of its participants and other important
indicators. If we notice a lack of interest towards the feature, then we
willl focus on new ideas in order to offer you something genuinely

Along with the test of the new daily event, a
modified version of the roulette familiar from the last Halloween event
was made available to a fraction of players. We will carefully study
all the comments received and take a close look at the metrics to see if
this game mechanic has a chance of making a permanent return to the

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and helping us to continually improve the game!

Museum Selfie Day

🏛 Museums are a great way to learn about history and art and are lots of fun for friends and families everywhere. However, sometimes when museums don't allow photographs 📸, it can be difficult to enjoy remembering the times you had together. However, one day helps solve that situation, and that is Museum Selfie Day.📆

Museum Selfie Day invites the general public to go to a museum and take a selfie. Today, participating museums encourage visitors to take a selfie next to their favorite piece of art.⚱

✨The best way to observe this day is to go to your local museum, find a favorite piece of art, and snap your selfie. But if you haven't a chance to go to the museum because of COVID-19, you can watch a movie set in a museum including House of Wax, Manhattan, Russian Ark, and Night at the Museum.🎞


If you were looking for a reason to hug your loved ones, then here it is!

Today is International Hug Day! Reach out and hug your family and friends 🤗