TOTAL BATTLE anniversary

Hi everyone!

You've been asking a lot about the game's birthday, but earlier we couldn’t give you a clear answer. Launching a game isn't easy: it involves playtests with real players, a launch for a limited audience, and improvements based on initial feedback. The game became available in the first quarter of 2016, but the full release took place in March-April. So we decided to choose an exact date, and we think that April 12th would be the perfect fit as the launch day.

We'd also like to say a very special thank you to our awesome players, who gave us the idea for a game cake. The moment we saw the drawing by one of our players, we immediately decided that we had to bring his idea to life. A few seconds later, we were already looking for a bakery that could create such a unique order… and we finally got the chance to taste the finished work of art.

Unfortunately, we couldn't share it with all our players… But we decided to find a way to bring joy to our audience in a different way.

What's a birthday without presents? Everyone who has logged in during the last month will get guaranteed presents!

Next year, we promise that we'll prepare really well and organize a memorable celebration for everyone!

Anonymous FloridaMan
Good Job total Battle on its anniversary!!!
NO se ingles , good
ok all is good
unbelievable, taking more than an hour to load
Is the game working? It gets stuck at 59% for me. Been more than 7/8 hours now. Who seen how they are trying to scam Japanese people as well now? These guys are well incompetent.