update is over

Dear friends,

The update is over and we are happy to tell more about what was fixed in the game!

  • City Walls are now correctly displayed

After the recent update many players had City walls of different levels displayed in the defense troops. Now all the walls are displayed correctly!

  • Caravan launch error

Previously, some players had to open the caravan launch interface again upon the return of one of the captains from a march. Now that window is displayed correctly despite the return of one of the captains from a march!

  • Daily mission progress is correctly synchronized with points scored.

  • All burning walls have been restored.

  • Restored game progress for players who accidentally created a new account.

  • Battle of Challengers’ result notification will no longer be displayed to players who did not participate in it.

Yesterday I played normally, but today, 4 hours after entering the login and password, I am writing about technical work on the server.
I play through the browser
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warum funktioniert eigentlich die PC Version seit tagen nicht? Über FB und Website funktioniert alles. Selbst die PC Version von Triumpf läuft ohne Probleme..... Vom Support kommt als antwort nur, benutz die Webversion. :-(
I haven't been able to log in to the PC version for 4 days now. Keeps saying server is under maintenance, try again later. 4 days????
Lady D
Every time you all do updates I lose so much stuff... and you all never answer any tickets or replace anything ... I spend way to much to be treated like this... I expect someone to contact me with in the week ... and I will expect to have my stuff returned to me... I have paid for it already ... You need to let us know in advanced to doing these . I will look forward to hearing from you all .
Stacy Norris
But you fucked up the shields. I was shielded for over 12 hours. Logged on and not only was my expensive shield gone, I had been attacked. Your retarded computer hacks fucked up something. K52. You owe me 18K gold for another shield and millions in resources. Pay up you imcompetent fools!!!
It no Game! Youre Banny wrote!
Private Parts
YOU CAN ONLY LOGIN THROUGH THE WEB BROWSER BUT NOT THE STAND ALONE GAME. WHAT"S GOING ON? I redownloaded the game on my PC and can't log in "due to server maintenance". The web browser version is soooooo slow!
We are in no updates showing here. K70 came back but now like 4 other kingdoms showing missing. K's 53,67,72 and 73.
I can not log into the game. Are you still doing updates?