k26 wants you

A herald named kayos from a kingdom far away proclaims:

ROP are looking for active solo players or clans to join our friendly
kingdom we have plenty of room and are open to help players and clans
grow with us why not come and join the fun" 📯

Lady Of the Lake
K52 IOC_U looking for new members must have over 3 Mil+ might , looking to recruit anyone thats looking for a change of scenery . we are looking to add gold and silver elites to our clan. English speaking
Are looking for a Clan you can grow with?, TWT & TWT3 is accepting new members. K69 is a Kingdom at peace. It is ideal Kingdom for those who are building up their first City. We have lots of support and help for those trying to grow their City or expanding their alternate City.
Together We Thrive (K:69 X:810 Y:578)
Como puedo hacerlo ?, que necesito ? ( galaaning, k 71 )
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
il go

i just need gold
Znów czat nie działa!!!!!!!!!!
K71 is more then full...
Roland Deschain
Do you have any "free of cahrge" demo days to get some inspirations in K#26? (Roland from K#70)
Juice WRLD
i might try it out if i could get a teleporter there and if i dont like it a teleporter back ;)