clan member's recruitment

Brave warriors!đź’Ş

If you are looking for a clan or your clan does not have enough members - write announcements in the comments.đź“ť

Everyone deserves to be in the clan created by the players!🧙‍♂️

Sziasztok csapatársakat keres a REB klán a K70 Királyságba. Más királyságból is jöhetnek játékosok., a játékos szint nem számít .
Vous qui aimez les jeu de strategie, Venez evoluer avec La CONFRERIE DES AIGLES - CDA le Clan Francophone le plus puissant du Royaume 75 - on vous attends!!
KAP kingdom 52 is recruiting new members. Huge kingdom lots of room. All our members are active and daily players. Come check out a Clan area where there are no clans on our borders! lots of room to explore ! New or veteran players welcome!
St Michel Archange
Sanctuary Clan Kingdom 74 looking for new players who respect the K74_ROE. Freindly people who want to have fun and help the clan grow no might limit. We only want friendly people who partake in the game and team work. Mike
Red Hawk
The Dark Wolf Clan (DWC) in Kingdom 70 still needs members. No might requirement. Simply look for DWC in the Clan rankings.
man who stared at goats
NMC är en nystartad clan för skandinaviska spelare. k22 ledare stormwinden. välkomna
Sziasztok tagokat keresek a klánomba hely a K 70 Királyságban van a Klán. Más királyságokból is szívesen várok tagokat.
Red Hawk
Dark Wolf Clan is looking for any active member. We play the game the right way. Join us in Kingdowm 70 You won't regret it.
Black Widow
Phoenix Flies Again (PFA) located in K70. Recruiting with no demands, just enjoy the game and socialise with friendly