‘Doomsday’ just got easier for novice players!

Dear players!

There are only a few hours left before the 'Doomsday' tournament launches so we would like to remind you of the changes that were added to this event earlier this week during the game update.

We have lowered the entry threshold to the tournament making it easier to succesfully participate for beginners.

The development team was committed to making it easier for newcomers to earn Valor points so that they can progress faster in the early stages of the game. Participation in the 'Doomsday' tournament is an excellent way to achieve this goal. This tournament was not interesting for beginners due to the noticable difference between the characteristics of the army available at the beginning of the game and the serious Strength of the Epic Undead Squad, as well as due to the lack of Valor points to unlock the Technologies required to train stronger troops.

Please note that these changes in the Epic Undead Squad made it easier to obtain Valor and Experience Points only for players with II and III troop levels unlocked.

For players with troop levels IV and above absolutely nothing has changed.

Detailed description of the recent adjustments of the tournament:

- The total amount of Valor and Experience points of the Epic Undead Squad has not changed.
- The total Strength of each monster squad included in the Epic Undead Squad has not changed.
- The total Strength of the entire Epic Undead Squad also remained unchanged.
- The only qualitative change is related to the decreased Health of the monsters in the squads. Killing at least one monster of the squad (and getting Valor and Experience points as a reward) now requires much lesser damage, thus allowing you to effectively play 'Doomsday' even if you can only train low-level troops.

According to the list above these changes in the composition of the Epic Undead Squad will not affect the process of participation in the tournament for advanced players.

Orion The Merciful
attacked the doomstay monster 3x and not a single captain leveled and only got a total of 150 k valor...but did cost me 27 million gold to much for making it fair for those of us under 20
....... ok
Ilfalco, you need two types of troops or one but of different levels. Only so you sure get EXP/VP. I make a lot of EXP/VP and level my captains for all the gold I have spent.
Still the same shit, 5 attacks and no wins this game gets worse and worse each day. Glad I dont spend any money anymore here
Ok nice!!!
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oki doki :))))