Dark times have come - the Shadow troops have invaded the game! 🦇 

❗This means that the brand new tournament has already begun!

Don't miss the opportunity to get more Conquest Points without fighting other players!

Destroy squads in the Shadow City and get points to develop your city and troops! Be among the top 100 players of the tournament and earn a title that will be with you for 30 days!🎁

May the Shadow Invasion be repelled!

So Much For Subtlety
Will you be running this event again? I really enjoyed it.
Tez tak uwazam smieszne ta ilosc....
Matt NovaCat
Really enjoyed this event. Was way more fun and profitable than Doomsday. Please have more Shadow invasions.
when is the next one..... ??????????? payed a high price in gold coins and troops, but more conquest points was worth it... when you doing it again
Really enjoyed it, looking forward to the next, thank you : )
Awesome tournament...loved it...made more CP than I could ever killing other players...hope its a regular feature...waiting for the next INVASION
crap :) city looks nice but CP amount is laughable. not even hit it once. 1/2 CP to EXP may get me interested.
śmieszna ilość PP w stosunku do kosztów, kpina, ważne że pakiety schodzą
Que pena a este `paso aran que dejemos de jugar las personas que no pueden recargar para subir un nivel de heroe te pegas un mes cada dia me gusta menos este juego los eventos solo para sacar dinero y los que recargan agan algo `para los que no podemos recargar asi obligaran a los que recargan a ponerse mas fuertes y echarle mas si quieren ser los mejores
Orsik Steelfist
Game wont load...on any platform..what did you screw up now? Been like this all day.

Oh, and this new event sucks