Do you hear it? The shadow squads are on their way. 🦇 

Just a few hours, and you will be able to participate in the first Shadow Invasion tournament, designed specifically to get an increased number of Conquest Points. 

You have a unique opportunity to earn Conquest points without attacking other players!

📍At the beginning of the tournament, all players are divided into divisions according to the level of the Hero. 
📍You can send marches to the Shadow City with the Hero and the captains at the same time!
📍We recommend sending several different types of troops to get more Conquest Points.
📍The “Shadow Slayer” and “Light Keeper” titles received by the top 100 players in each division will be valid for 30 days.
this game becomes too expensive....
çok iyi olur
Sultan RESAT
çok güzel olur
badziew, tylko aby wydrzeć ze złota, mało opłacalne
Ok j'ai besoin de l'or
Welo Guay
Nuevos eventos que parecen ser buenos eventos contra enemigos muy fuertes que causan muchas pérdidas que tienen que resucitar con oro, PROBLEMA: Señores Administradores, hay muchas horas al día (demasiadas horas) que no hay mina de oro en el tablero. Entiendo que TotalBatte es una empresa que necesita tener beneficios, pero si sus clientes (los jugadores) consideran que hay abuso por su parte, creo que sus ingresos bajarán significativamente.
Welo Guay
New events that seem to be good events against very strong enemies that cause a lot of losses that have to be resurrected with gold, PROBLEM: Sirs Administrators, there are many hours a day (too many hours) that there is no gold mine on the board. I understand that TotalBatte is a company that needs to have benefits, but if its customers (the players) consider that there is abuse on their part, I think their income will drop significantly
wszystko na polu walki trzeba zdobywac ?
Kasa kasa kasa to je moc
dlaczego wszystkie turnieje są za złoto a nie za srebro wskrzeszanie to się już brzydnie:(((