the last great hunt

The latest, 5th in a row, Great Hunt tournament has come to an end. We were pleased to see how much interest this event aroused in you.

Some clans showed their unity and perseverance in the fight for victory in the Great Hunt. We’d like to highlight a clan called Остров which succeeded to take the first place at the end of the latest tournament.

The members of this newly created clan showed a real will to win! In the previous two Hunts, they were close to their main opponent, BritishBulldogsX, and reached the 2nd place twice. They didn’t give up and it wasn't for nothing! Congratulations on your well-deserved victory!

Based on the results of all the Great Hunt tournaments, we have compiled the list of top 10 clans that scored the highest total number of tournament points: 

🥇 [BBX] BritishBulldogsX - 3 223 900

🥈 [OST] Остров - 2 236 100

🥉 [IOC] Instruments of Chaos - 1 887 600

🔸 [ZCI] ZJEDNOCZENI - 1 819 400

🔸 [VV1] Valiant Vigilantes - 1 778 300

🔸 [AuD] Ангелы и Демоны - 1 587 100

🔸 [МИР] МИРОТВОРЦЫ - 1 440 300

🔸[RUS] ЛЕГИОН - 1 428 700

🔸[SOA] Sons of Anarchy II - 1 404 200

🔸[TMI] THE MISFITS - 1 276 200

The members of the clans which is on this list of top 10 clans will receive an additional pleasant surprise from the Administration 🎁 

Thank you all for participating in the event! We are going to improve the Great Hunt in the nearest future by adding some fixes and changes, and thus make it more interesting for you! Follow the Community page so that you won’t miss news about the re-launch of the tournament!

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Кто знает?
hagan otro
now lets have one to get CP points in the same way...
I liked that event, it was a nice way for lower people to get some extra exp
61 # krallıkta arm şımarık iyice gümüş toplamaya izin vermiyorlar oyunun zevki kalmadı buna bir çare bulun
I did the first one and it was all messed up and the rewards weren't good so it's good it's gone
ok, I hope it will better next time
Да или нет. Нет или да.
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!