Armageddon has started

Dauntless warriors!

streams are pouring down the torn earth's crust where the deadly
monsters came out of the deep... All hail the return of the mighty Fire

The Armageddon event has just started. Make haste to defeat the horrendous creatures and glorify your name in battle!

sorry I think it has been added if you use days before months, that would be excellent
would it be possible to replace great hunt with Armageddon
we are happy to introduce you to the new tournament called “Armageddon" .,.,,. that never runs in the game.,.,. literally its bin 5-6 weeks
When come the next?
one more,.,.its bin to long :))
Juice WRLD
can every1 stop complaining for once and thank the devs for such a wonderful free game that is open to all ages and abilities?
Womb Broom
Despite of this,i still love the game mostly cuz of the community of players and clans,and im grateful that they bothered fixing my technical issue..
Womb Broom
They (the devs)are seeming to be more focused on income,rather than giving back to the community that feeds them. i lost my hero,officers,monsters and 2-3 44euro packs worth of mercs for 4 whole days, i also bought a 44 euro pack with 3x silver, that gave me 180M silver that i also used on mercs during trade routes. they fixed my issue the 5th day,but never gave me any compencation at all. i never asked them specificly for comp,cuz i felt thats up to them to decide. after i learned that earlier most ppl do get comp for smaller issues,but i guess i dont spend enogh money to be concidered a important player in their eyes..This just shows me that they seem to care less about us as a community,and care more about their wallets..
is there a reason there are no dragon mounds during this event and DD?
Ragnar viking
Why are community gifts not given regularly?