Brave warriors, to arms!

Very soon, Hydra will appear on the maps of all realms in the world of Total Battle.

Are you ready to join the battle with this monster and show your heroism?

Remember that the reward for the battle is valuable experience points for your hero!

Armageddon was a great event well attended in kingdom 70 must kingdom 70 would really like to see it return
When start the next Armageddon ? xD
Plz make this event again soon, it was great.
i did not read this all thw way and did not know that it was a new omega monster
The whole world can see, something is coming to Earth ... an asteroid, how terrible ... It is excessively large and threatens to destroy the Earth ... wipe out all life ... a small group of old and young scientists and magicians come to an insane conclusion, the earth has to turn a millionth second faster, just for a moment, then it can escape the catastrophe ... but how ??? Together with their bundled thoughts, they create a powerful glowing beam ... they direct the beam onto the career of Mother Earth ... and really an almost imperceptible tiny jerk ... the catastrophe is over ... the asteroid misses the Earth ... Since that day, everyone has been celebrating the big festival of survival every year ... :))
bu etkinlik neden kaldırıldı. yada tekrar ne zaman gelecek.
Hülagü Han
böyle bir etkinlik neden kaldırılıyor ki anlamadım

tekrar geri getirin bu veya buna benzer etkinlikleri kahramanlarımızın seviyesi çok düşük

why is such an activity being removed?

bring back these or similar activities, our heroes are too low
altın gönder hızlandırıcı gönder
Phaedra The Dark
I really liked this tournament. Although costly in gold it provided a high level of valour points. I see some people struggled getting hits in - put two different types of troops in and avoid whatever the first monster has a bonus against.
Really like the tournament. I was able to go from Hero lvl 24 to lvl 50. Somewhat costly in gold. Maybe add smaller Armaggeddon monster groups (less valor point awards than main monster squad) that you can revive with silver (good for smaller players). Or, possibly put players in divisions and base awards & revival costs on a graduated division scale.