'Armageddon' - tournament for Heroes

Our team is continuously working on creating new events to make the adventure in the world of Total Battle more exciting. This time we are happy to introduce you to the new tournament called “Armageddon", in which everyone will be able to participate very soon.
Those users who have already played the "Doomsday" tournament will be familiar with the mechanics of the new event.

However, we would like to highlight one important difference: this time your army will not be commanded by the captains but the hero!
The "Armageddon" tournament allows you to level up the hero much faster.

This event is a great opportunity to gain experience points, which increase the hero's level, and such characteristics as Leadership, Dominance, and Authority grow along with it. These indicators directly determine the number of troops that he leads. The larger your army is, the faster and more successful it will be while defeating an enemy, whether it is a monster squad or other player’s troops.

What is the good of this tournament? Is it so profitable to participate in such events? To answer to these questions, we decided to talk to one of the users and find out what he thinks about the Easter event, which became the progenitor of the new tournament:

“The Hero lags behind the Captains at the beginning of the game. The development of the City will slow down if you do not improve the Hero’s level. I started to play in March. Like a half of my Clan, my Aydae rocketed to level 100 while the Hero was still below 50. If you can still attack a monster, there is no way to fight against players due to not having enough Leadership; enemy armies are simply larger.
I was going to level up a Hero on rare monster squads.

The resources had been harvested, and I had agreed with my Clanmates that they would help. Finally, I began to farm, spending Silver to do so. Having checked with dozens of people I knew, I found some huge farming guides, which I spent 2 days figuring out. I noted the results of each battle and collected statistics about the consumption of resources.
During the Easter event, the admins added an epic monster for leveling up our Heroes.

To try it out, I attacked it just like a regular epic squad. There was a special Mercenary offer with four types of units. The Mercenaries greatly sped up the process, bearing in mind that I decided to buy x2 packs. Also, I crafted a simple gear for my guardsmen in order to enhance the effect. So, in just one event I unlocked a new branch of Talents, leveled up my Hero to level 105, and there was still hiring to do for the next event.”

needs to be regular
Hülagü Han
Dear Management, Please make this event permanent
i tylko kasa co z tego jak to bedzie za złoto zrubcie ewent za srebro . ale nie kto by kupował pakiety
seems more of a bs excuse to make you buy about fixing the issues with the game itself ? how long have their been chat issues for one this ever going to be fixed ?
спасибо огромное. очень нужный ивент. благодарю ;*
With Silver reenactment, you need to kill monsters every day, then players will have more participation
Loup Solitaire
c'est du bla bla sans aucune explications sur ce Tournoi Armaggedon - sera t'il comme les autres tournois joué par les joueurs déjà très très avancés dans les niveaux ou sera t'il profitable à tous ?? les administrateurs se rendent ils enfin compte que les tournois sont joués et remportés par quasi toujours les mêmes joueurs et que la plupart des joueurs n'y ont aucune chance ni aucun intérêt ??? c'est ma question
is it a one off event like Easter or a recurring one?
ok ich verstehe aber warum
Praetorian Guard
nothing loads ? is there maintenance ?