Psst... Are you good at keeping secrets?

We've decided to open the curtain and introduce one of the new captains.
How do you think, what type of units he could lead with the highest benefit?
Share your guesses in the comments below the publication. We'll see how many experienced warriors among us.

The first player who correctly guesses the type of troops will receive a generous gift!

Thank you all for your participation in the event! Here is the name of the winner who gave the first correct answer - Merovingian.
ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This new female captain will lead the flying units, the Valkyries heroine is here!
Lion Heart
when will a winner be announced?
I suggest a hero who is a defense expert. His skills would be put to the test in the event of an attack. Each player would have the option to rescue this hero and would have to complete a few daily missions to maintain him. In addition to increasing defenses it would generate generous bonuses for the player. It would be a way of balancing the actions in view of the fact that smaller players are slaughtered by those with greater resources.
The ice queen is the ability to temporarily freeze the units she attacked.
Gryf bitewny (oby nie tylko on)...
Bugelv McNorin
Strebgth and Health of Flying Troops, I've always wanted an Air Force.
Maciej Zych
kapitan wzmacniający najemników
Mister JD
well it has a picture of birds behind her so ill go with that