The International Day of Families

May 15th is a day when we can say one more time how we love our family.

The International Day of Families, annually held on May 15, celebrates the importance of families and the work started during the International Year of Families.

According to the UN, “This day provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase the knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families.”

We hope that you can spend this day with your family and make your bonds stronger by spending time together, whether it's a watching family movie or a puzzle assembly.
Stay together, stay happy!

To celebrate this beautiful Family day we prepared a new kind of activity.

Complete our new puzzle and get your 🎁 automatically:

why not showing puzzle link like it used to be? This game link is not working now.
48 hours, no download clients!!
13 hours with no working download client! the chests!, the chests!!
vikings honor

would you please look at the competitions on your Face Book page for "Happy Labour day" and "World Book and Copyright Day" and find some winners?
Juice WRLD
can you have them everyday?
i really enjoy puzzles and i missed this one :(
Are you sure with hardcore times? Only to move all tiles takes more then 12 min :/
Administration [Post author]
No puzzles for today ? That is very sad...I didn't know that this was fixed : (
It says "No puzzles today"...thats very funny since there has been no puzzles since this started...its a shame since so many of us enjoy doing these puzzles : (
Princess Ann
Are you sure with hardcore times? Only to move all tiles takes more then 12 min :/