Happy Labour day! 🎆

📣 To celebrate this holiday we are launching the contest with very simple rules:

✒️ Suggest the most suitable modern profession for any character of the game and explain your choice.

🏆 One author of most original comment which will be chosen by game’s Administration will get any $99,99 package as a present for free.

It seems that everyone is waiting for the results of the contest! Now we are ready to name the winner. Alt of Foli, congratulations on your win! Please contact with Support Team in order to claim for reward.
As Carter crept deep into the epic crypt, he spied underneath a writhing giant snake the last vestment of his Godlike equipment. He placed an enchantment on the snake and freed the armor from the snake’s bulk. When he hung the medallion upon his neck, a lightning bolt flashed, and Carter found himself standing in a strange land where there were no crypts. Puzzled and not knowing what to do other than to explore, he began to wander the land. He thought he had found his way in a place called Egypt. There he found enormous crypts, but they all had been robbed. He went to Mexico and found beaten down crypts, but these were full of tourists. He went north and found cold dark crypts full of dark humming jewels. Light and heat emitted from them, and yet the crypt was kept very cold. He now knew he had found his purpose in this new world. He was a cryptominer!
Alt of Foli
Thelensia - I agree with Alt of Foli (but then I would seeing as Alt of Foli is my Alt). Today she would be a 'Vlogger' and use social media to provide daily reviews on the daily gifts that she receives from her many followers. Most of her reviews would be about fairly boring and mundane gifts like kitchen gadgets and she would also provide you with recipes for meals that you don't need and will never prepare. But every once in a blue moon (i.e. every thirty days or so) she will review a special gift that she's received that will get you all excited...
Alt of Foli
To make things as easy as possible for our hard-wording Administrators (and may I just take this small moment to thank the devs and administrators for all their efforts in making Total Battle such an enjoyable and playable experience), I've decided to provide a Russian translation of my entry (big shout out to Google Translate).
Thelensia - Сегодня она будет «Влоггером» и будет использовать социальные сети для ежедневных обзоров ежедневных подарков, которые она получает от своих многочисленных подписчиков в Интернете. Большинство ее рецензий будут о довольно скучных и обыденных подарках, таких как кухонные гаджеты, и она также предоставит вам рецепты блюд, которые вам не нужны и которые вы никогда не приготовите. Но каждые тридцать дней или около того она будет пересматривать специальный подарок, который она получила, который заставит вас всех взволноваться ....

I hope that the translation is accurate. In case it's not, please note that the English version is perfect in every way and very funny and deserving of first place. Please I implore you dear administrators/moderators/competition entry judges - let me win. I very rarely ever win anything (apart from the Euromillions and the State Lotto I won just last month - it was a rollover month too). I would put the prize to good use too by using my new mercs to deliver vengeance to K68 and some of those naughty russian clans who actually play the game to win and not just for fun. I'm not quite sure what else I can say to try to unduly influence the judges. Did I say that I greatly admire and respect your President Putin. He seems a fun guy to hang around with. I understand he also has a soft spot for Total Battle and spends his weekends playing - his online name is 'Artillerist' though during the week you'll find him hiding under his bubble....
Svyatgor = blacksmith
haemon= financial advisor
marion= butcher
thelensia= bally dancer :)
Tiger Boy
Thelensia could be a Dev as she is used to putting out for money -_-
Thelensia would best be a model CEO since she gets gifts from her lovers its safe to say they'd do anything to be in the same building as her thus they'd work hard just to impress her
Aryin is a Coastguard as she loves the water, she goes back and forth guarding the seas and stops others from crossing dangerous waters
ed il livelli di questi capi devono aumentare con gli anni giocati,ogni anno di gioco un livello per ogni capo.oppure per il primo anno un livello al mese e poi passare ogni anno.
e fare in modo che questo gioco non ha una fine.
ogni edificio dovrebbe avere un capo all'interno,esempio
contadino per il cibo,
sacerdoti per il tempio,
minatore per il marmo.
taglialegna per la legna.
fabbro per il ferro.
mago per il maestro del portale,
generale per l esercito.
e cosi via, e questi devono avere un proprio livello a parte del edeficio. ad esempio, nel magazzino a liv 20 con magazzinieri livello 1 dipsoni di 1000 merci per tipo,ma con un magazzino di livello 20 ed un magazziniere di livello 20 disponi di 10000 merci per tipo.
ho moltissime idee, contattami posso ispirarvi.