It's time to announce the results of the contest called "To be or not to be?"!

We would like to confess: entries selection for voting has become a difficult task to us. We did not expect such to get from your such amount of creative stories. You have pleasantly surprised us!

We would like to thank all the authors who sent us their works for the contest.

The author of the story that most players voted for is a user named Eukro Gamun! Congratulations on your well-deserved victory. 

The winner should contact with Support team and specify the name of the bonus package that he wishes want to receive as a prize.

All contestants who have shown themselves in writing stories will receive small gifts from the administration as well.


Book suggestions contest... who won it administration?
Eukro Gamun
Um, when should I expect to see the prize?
This is very funny cause me and others posted stories and didn't even get recognized as posting one...lmao
И где этот маленький подарок????
Да уж, ну и задачу всем задали со своими обновлениями.
gg...bon jeu
Sassy Gal
Dixtaxe shouldn't even been in the top ten as his entry was well over the maximum symbols allowed for the contest...his entry was 1986 symbols...the rules were 350 to 1800. My entry was 1807 and it was eliminated and I was not even given a gift for participating! 😒🤔🎁🤷‍♀️
sardonique should calm down. you are going to hemorrhage something important. you tried to work the system and it didn't work. now you know. you knew they were going to count replies and you were hoping that they wouldn't actually LOOK at the replies. Which...funny thing is...they actually didn't; until people brought it to their attention. So...your plan would have worked, if it weren't for those pesky kids. Now....relax, smoke a bowl, listen to Yanni, light a candle, burn some whatever you have to do so you don't have a massive stroke. You are not fooling anyone with your "I altruistically just REALLY wanted to express my gratitude" crap.
Zalypy wam