Today is the anniversary of the death of the world’s famous poet and playwright William Shakespeare. He created the world of truly immortal masterpieces, which continued to be used as a basis for stage performances and film works nowadays.

In honor of this significant date we decided to invite you to participate in a contest where a gift for the winner is (please make sure that you are sitting firmly on a chair) is any bonus package of the highest price category!

What is required to take part in the competition?

  • You need to write a short story about game’s Heroes, Captains and any other characters at your discretion in the comments section.
  • Remember that brevity is the soul of wit! The story doesn’t have to be big. Observe the volume: from 350 to 1800 symbols.
  • Try to make the plot memorable and vivid! Use any theme at your discretion.
Entries for the competition are accepted until April 27. Then we will select the top ten works and organize a vote among the players. The author of story with the most votes by April 29 will get first place!
Sassy Gal
Traitor, you doubt the king, thee who hath lost faith and questions the heavens, stars, and universe? For this treasonous act, banishment for thee, you unworthy, lowly, creature named Captain Logo. Your soul will know no peace, no safety, no rest. It will reside in an eternal hell in a dark, cold and far away war-of- kingdoms until your poor soul serves in battle pending glory, esteem, and success as it unfolds in war with gilded sword in hand. You will remain imprisoned in the wrath that you brought upon your soul. May the gods have mercy on your soul.

Take with thee, these poor, soldiers: Captain Stror and Captain Brann to serve as your faithful servants and may they teach you the errors of your way. Endure the harsh and unknown that soon will be. It will be like nothing you have experienced, ever. Be strong, wily and wise. Only when you see thy self as a man will you be released. O, come, your journey will be long and arduous, a true measure of a praiseworthy man. When you acknowledge your weakness as a man and accept absolution will your soul be released from the bowels of hell. The king released his vise like grip with each of the soldiers and bid them farewell and pledged to keep them within his sights.

The journey was a damnation of the gods, the soldiers’s souls were exiled in Posthumus for all time
The soldiers facing the infirmity of their souls, beseeched the gods and the heavens to absolve them of their treasonous ways and help guide them to faith and honor and to escape this Gordian knot.

Forthwith, all three, meritorious captains found themselves enclosed within a city surrounded by troops. Shortly, they found themselves in front of a substantial, formidable leader, Hero Ayrin. The captains, accepted the proffered hand, “Your hand, my lord. I am almost a man”.
Heroic pigeon
I love captain tengel. He is important because I often need captain aydea for battling so I send him for other errands like gathering. He is one of the most fundamental to my development. Here is my story

along time ago, Micheal tenges was born to a poor family. As he grew up. He saw the importance of battles.One day, he was asked to take on the position of being a Capitan. He said that he was not well suited for this. He said that he would do anything that kept the true hero from doing his work

the end
It has 7 years since Haemon fled his home and disappeared into the wilds of Kingdom 58, a Kingdom utterly torn apart by a 10 years war. It's East falling to internal monsters and it's West under constant enemy attack from Kingdom 54

The years of living in the harsh and unforgiving wilderness of the West have caused Haemon to become cold, jaded, and purely self-interested...or so he thinks. His only wish now is to leave this Kingdom far, away from the King and clans of his past that continue to pursue him.

Making it halfway across the country he was once again found by the King and clans that drove him to live this life. However, this time Haemon will not run. He will take the fight to the tyrants of his life and end their reign once and for all.

Maybe then he can finally have his past life back. His life depends on it. The fate of TB is relying on Him............And so the story begins.
Lady Of the Lake
whats pissing off the players , lets see not listening to them for start , second we would like during cot the ability for other kingdoms to come and gather points in our kingdom . which means them raiding us needs to be turned off for that event
Kılıç Arslan
my hero is aydea. he is a true hero. my best fighter. I was personally concerned with its development and strength. My only purpose since birth was to train him. now my true hero. never disappoint me. He has successfully accomplished all the tasks I have given. continues to bring. My reassuring hero, Aydea, gives fear to the enemy. I love you much. one day there was an epic monster in front of the castle. all my army was shaking, afraid of this beast. Aydea gathered his courage and called out to the army. He encouraged the army. destroyed the beast with his army. Aydea ... invincible and fearless hero ... taught all my soldiers what courage is. not just courage, trust and loyalty. Aydea is my allies' greatest helper. When my allies are in a difficult situation, they will be caught immediately. One day, my friend's castle was under fire. Commander Aydea did not want to be a spectator to this situation. he asked for permission from me. I told him I trusted him. he immediately helped my ally and made the enemy miserable. so my reputation among my allies has increased. dear commander aydea i love you so much.
Kılıç Arslan
my hero is aydea. he is a true hero. my best fighter. I was personally interested in its development and strength. My only aim since I was born was to train him. now he is my true hero. he never left me half way. He successfully fulfilled all the tasks I gave. continues to bring. Aydea, my hero, who gives confidence to the enemy, fear and friend. I love you much.
Aydae’s idea of breakfast

The Pathfinders return to report that in the village below they have seen a large group of archers lies resting after a full day of gathering silver. I blow my horn and all of my riders swarm with me down the hill hacking and stabbing the archers. In the bloody aftermath, silver coins clink in our overstuffed saddlebags as we slowly return home.
The ring of the rapiers quickened to a rattle as Aydae and Tengel crossed swords. Aydae’s superior strength allowed her to twist Tengel’s blade clockwise and down. As she twisted her wrist up, his blade flew from his hand. Disarmed with her blade point pressed below his doublet, Tengel begged for quarter. Aydae breathless from the fight denies his request by skewering him from his codpiece up though his exposed ribcage. As Tengel falls forward, his last glimpse of life is the heaving breasts of Aydae.
Ye-Ho Sung, adored his pet snake as a young boy but when it grew too big, his parents forced him to release the snake into the wild.

Years pass and during a violent storm, the big white snake magically transforms into the beautiful princess Thelensia.

Thelensia goes in search of and finds Ye-Ho Sung, but the lovers are separated by a local monk, Yamato, who believes that Thelensia is an evil spirit.

Ye-Ho Sung's two friends, Ryjong and Guan Yu, also try to find Ye-Ho Sung, worried that he is in danger.

In the end, Thelensia gives up her magical powers to remain in human form and prove her everlasting love for Ye-Ho Sung.

Happy Ending :-)
An ode to the little people.

I was one of the people of the city. I walked from the forge to the mansion and back again. It may not have looked like a great job, but it was my job. Now I have been erased; removed from the game. I was not even given a eulogy in the update notes. No, I was just deleted. How can I explain to you how this makes me feel? It makes me feel like a waiter at a once popular restaurant. Your job is deleted. You remain quarantined indoors. You no longer walk from your job to your mansion and back again. You are me.