Fast Marches season

Breaking news! Astrologers proclaim Fast Marches Season!

A time-limited event is preliminarily scheduled for the next week.

March speed of troops, Hero and Captains will be increased by 5 times.

Please share your opinion regarding this temporary feature and do not hesitate to ask any questions about participation.

What do you think about this time-limited event? Will you play more often during Fast Marches Season?

Sir Gabe H Coud
Please bring back this feature!
makes the game 10x more playable
Да без маршей в этой игре делать нечего тупо пялится на экран верните их обратно на постоянно
what a shame. This needs to be a permanent fixture, but I guess that is not going to happen. A great game ruined..... oh well onto the next one.
The 5X fast march speed should be made a permanent regular march speed for this game. Otherwise, players will be demotivated in playing the game, the pure waiting of march is such a torture!!!
Insane Lord
This is totally Ridiculous! I have my March speed bonus active and it is taking my Captain over a Minute each way to harvest a Crypt 15 tiles from my City! Seems like the Marches are even slower After the conclusion of the March speed event. I will tell you this if the Game developers had half a Brain they would make the faster march speeds a permanent part of the game! WE had a lot of Clan activity in our clan from players that are normally not that active. Players had interest and were not bored just signing in to place troop on resources for harvesting. I personally had reduced my playing time in the game significantly before the event. Those march speed bonus can be used on long marches which increase player activity outside of their clan territory. At the very least offer the increased march speed with in a players territory or let clans buy it as a Clan bonus! We all know that attracting players and keeping their interest is a big problem for this game and the Faster March Speeds would help a lot with maintaining player interest and being more active in a clan which is the social bond that ties them them to this game!
I have little time to play and with this speed it is better to give up! It is too tedious!
Insane Mikey
Need to bring back the Fast march speed and make it permanent. Can't stand playing with the Slow march speed any longer !
Matt NovaCat
This slow sped is too slow! 20 minute marches just to cross half the territory? Caravans will tie up captains for literal days! This crawling speed will drive people away. I'm not spending any real cash now--start a mach, log out of game for an hour, and then come back to find out results? Send troops away again and log back out. Not what I want to do

I logged in this morning. Started training, construction, research. Sent out caravans to the Clan buildings. Now I have nothing to do for an hour while the marches last.
I'll be honest I only get limited time to play so now the speed up season has gone it's going to take forever to level anything. I think that the faster speed is ofset by how much quicker your troops are depleted and that then becomes the limiting factor which those with the money can use packs to replenish. I liked the faster pace of the game and it kept me more interested and focused as I didn't have such big gaps in game play waiting for things to happen.