Easter event announcement


We would like to share an important announcement!

Good Friday is approaching. This means that the Easter holiday event will start the day after tomorrow!

The Easter event will start on April 10 at midnight sharp (12:00 pm GMT).

• For three days you will be able to send your Hero to special locations on the map.

• The main reward for the winners will be special Titles increasing Captains’ leadership for the whole month.

Your questions are welcome in the comment section below, we would be glad to answer all of them.

yazdığımız yazıların ancak yarısını yayınlayabiliyorsunuz. OYUN ZATEN ZAYIF VE ÇOK YAVAŞŞŞŞ
oyun yeterince zayıf ve yavaş yeni eklentiler oyunu dahada yavaşlatacaktır. Oyundan çıkmamızı istiyorsanız . olabilir
so please say who came up with this rehash of epic dead it the same as dooms day a TOTAL waste of gold u DONT get more xp than a normal monster so why u LIE ah yes i know u just lazy money grappin A holes
ya chat here works..not in game though period back to zip..
Not sure why you can find time to add new stuff; when you can't get the everyday stuff working right. Like chat and the lag on arrows to RS.
you developers are obviously blind and deaf - screams of chat fix needed everywhere - no response. so much money spent on the game yet you dont give a damn, why? Cause you dont have to
Чат завис где ежедневные бонусы
Fix chat... Then introduce new themes
you should have made this announcement before. we would prepare accordingly. we saw the tournament but there was no detail. information was always too late.
Still You didn't fix the existing problems, then you can not try new variants on the game.First you have to fix chat prb.