You all have a great sense of humour, don't you? We hope that you had some fun renaming other players' cities. We would like to get more information on your opinions regarding recent event.

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great fun, great idea!
nice joke for the name change
Hey TB, Yes it was funny, sometimes even a little crude.. But I would hesitate to add new bits to game till chat is fixed. If you keep adding stuff ,it will bog down system even more. Game sucks without chat.....
Kempo Kutter
FIx the game...Chat, journal logs (dozens of blank reports), captains/hero's that disappear on marches and require refreshing the game (over and over to keep hitting monsters/strongholds/attack others)

more importantly, make it where there is the option for players to turn off animations!!! It eats up SOOO much CPU and Ram its completely dumb in execution. Constantly loading hundreds (if not thousands) of monsters across the map each doing little animations.

good seen some improvement but under oaths to not spend cash on this game till its chat and glitches are brought under control..months of failing chat is costing interest and spring comes..lucky were all told to stay home and be alone..your game should be surging to new heights not being called failed..with world wide issues why not make this work and you might just grow your might to huge to fix your a alt..stagnate and never to succeed..come on Total Battle... games on..give the worlds a working game..better prizes never hurt either..and good luck all in these tough times

Hallo Leute! wenn ich mit einem Porsche unterwegs bin, lege ich natürlich auf die Äußerlichkeiten viel Wert und das alles schön "blinkt" - doch eigentlich lege ich den größten Wert, dass der Wagen mir das Gibt - was sein Name mir verspricht --------------- dass er mich sicher von A nach B bringt und nicht alle 100 Meter wegen eines (kleinen) Defekts liegen bleibt. Glaubt mir, so ist es auch mit eurem Spiel, und das ist absolut nicht gut!!!!! Die Kommunikation im Clan ist der Motor des Spiels und nicht irgendein Gimmick. Gruß Dorr
Wenn ihr so planlos weiter macht - dann braucht ihr keinen Plan mehr!!!
Bud Spencer
the game is messed up , chat work just sometimes, we can not find enought ress, specialy silver is to less, you need new devs
Are we not allowed to reply on the subjects anymore? Anyways, this past week has had a lack of resources to gather especially silver which is causing me to find another game to play i.e. psn .
Peter Hell
What about Bear Gryll to take action in the survaylence on 1. april