Dear players,

We are going to stop game server soon in order to re-launch 'Ruthless Slaughter' and fix resurrection currency. 

Once maintenance is over, you will be able to take part in the tournament and get additional rewards!

tak to było..
good seen some improvement but under oaths to not spend cash on this game till its chat and glitches are brought under control..months of failing chat is costing interest and spring comes..lucky were all told to stay home and be alone..your game should be surging to new heights not being called failed..with world wide issues why not make this work and you might just grow your might to huge to fix your a alt..stagnate and never to succeed..come on Total Battle... games on..give the worlds a working game..better prizes never hurt either..and good luck all in these tough times

There is no other management in the world who is struggling to get the players fed up and let the game quit.
Thanks to these players, you have been making money for years.
But you have no benefit and support for the players.
In such an epidemic, you left the players face down again.
There is only one way to keep us in the game.
To fulfill 1 request of each player.
Otherwise, this game is played by your admins.
There is an outbreak of corona virus in the world.
You are still chasing money.
There are thousands of deaths and quarantines in every country.
There is a curfew.
People can't go to work.
When this outbreak is over, maybe many players will be dead!
Contribute to this process and make the packages free.
May history make you beautiful.
aynen öyle
Dzięki .........
olacak adam olurda siz olmazsınız totalebatle
Gennaro Nasti
the ruthless massacre had to start soon and instead and already ended ... the bonuses activated with gold for the ruthless massacre now who gives them back ???. developers you are just bastards