UPDATE 2020.03
Dear players,

Technical maintenance will start soon.

We would like to carry on the tradition that we introduced on the Community page some time ago and highlight some issues that will be fixed once our March update is completed.

What’s been fixed?

- Activation the Shield of peace will no longer be a problem. Your city will suddenly not appear to be unprotected during an important event.
- Talents will be displayed correctly in the information about other player when you check them while playing on mobile app.
- ‘Send’ button will be brought back into mobile interfaces of clan announcements.
- Reinforcements will be displayed in the march window no matter how numerous they are.
- Selected captain will not be reseted while you explore Rare crypts.

That is all for today. Stay in touch!
Czaty nie działają , mapa słabo reaguje na strzałki i co chwile problemy na zasobach .Ze skrzynek coraz większe goowno leci A jak już coś leci to potem sie okazuje że tego nie ma na stanie . Klikanie przy Pomocy czy przy zakupach za Złoto wraca z powrotem a po ponownym kliknięciu nalicza podwójnie . ..... szajs i buble same .....

The Finn Est
Stays there after refresh too OMG, can I have one of kim's report with the points please :)
The Finn Est
How do you like this bug ? I'm not Lee Land lol, I just copied the event to past the link ...
Kto u was pracuje nieudacznicy ?nic nie potraficie naprawić -taki pracownik po jednym dniu wszędzie by już na bezrobotnym siedział !!!
There is an outbreak of corona virus in the world.
You are still chasing money.
There are thousands of deaths and quarantines in every country.
There is a curfew.
People can't go to work.
When this outbreak is over, maybe many players will be dead!
Contribute to this process and make the packages free.
May history make you beautiful.
waitting for bonus
OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are you running this game on a old C64 connected with a 2400 baud modem to connect to the internet ???? Come on this lag is insane , get your system working like it suppose to do in 2020 .
dzisaj to już całkowita kaplica nic nie działa tylko kółko się kręci