New game version!
Technology is rushing past, and the entire world is turning its back on Adobe Flash (remarkable—the first versions showed up in 1980). Browser-based games built on Flash are going to be a thing of the past very soon.

We want to be ready, so we've done everything we can to make sure our players can keep having all the fun they're used to even when Adobe Flash is no longer supported.

So here's the great news! Beginning from February 20th, 2020, we're going to start migrating users onto a new version of the game, this one built on cutting-edge technology called WebGL. That will ensure that you can still launch it even once browsers get rid of Adobe Flash so long as your device meets the technical requirements.

Let's celebrate this monumental event together! Starting on February 18, we'll have three days of unique gifts for everyone in our entire player base. Make sure you launch the game between February 18 (9pm UTC) and 21 to automatically enable additional 50% bonus for your fights with monsters and other players and march speed. This effect can be combined with other bonuses.

Have a good game!
Game is totally rubbish now. Game is so slow . When i try and look round the map it goes into double vision. Finding it difficult to stay with the game. Gutted really was starting to really enjoy it and move on quickly. But it a total let down. No help from TB team. Having to refresh nearly every 5 mins. Very sad
Whole game is broken with latest http://updates. Shield deployment failure cost significant http://losses. I will not buy anything from this game until it is fixed and I am compensated for my losses :(
Dear Developers of TotalBattle, 3/2/2020

The chat does seem to be broken. This is an immediate problem as a
lot of people rely upon the chat system. I think you should fix this

Thank You,
Player of your awesome Game TotalBattle
The Finn Est
please put back watchtower loading icon, that will save us all a great deal of useless watch on it
Public Enemy NrOne
the whole game seems broken.....
Madra Dubh
Yep, chat completely broken. Even if you do manage to post, you can't see it.