Update 2020.01
Technical maintenance will start soon.

Today we would like to highlight some important aspects of the upcoming game update.


Let’s start with one of the most anticipated improvements: ‘Ruthless Slaughter’ will be brought back to its former place in the tournament schedule. It’s time to cry out loud the word ‘Hooray!’ :)

That’s not all! The list of tournaments will be updated with a new event called ‘Authority Rush’ where for reviving defeated Mercenaries you will be earning special tournament currency and able to spend it on tournament points and additional rewards. This event will be held for a limited period of time so do not hesitate!


It is important to create a user-friendly environment on the Community page. During the upcoming update, there will be implemented a new feature to our official website which will allow us to publish news and important announcements in several languages. This is supposed to make our publications easier to understand.


As some of you might have already known, Flash player on the technology of which our so-called ‘old’ version of the game is based, will no longer be supported in browsers. That is why our game will be updated with a new and more technologically advanced engine. Our ‘new’ version of the game is already available.

To make the transfer to this version more smoother and comfortable, we have prepared some fixes to the bugs that existed there and were found by our Quality Assurance team or reported by players.


- Walls in the city no longer have a ridiculous bonus to March speed which was previously displayed in their information window.
- Active bonuses to Valor and Experience points do not affect the size of rewards for completed achievements. Those bonuses were never supposed to work this way since the reward size has a constant value.
- Hero’s talents are displayed in the information window when you check the enemy’s details in the Journal report.
- Enemy’s march from another realm is coloured in appropriate dark red colour.
- Duration of the open portal corresponds to the level of development of the Portal Master and researched technologies.
- Whole complement of reinforcements are displayed in the information of your ally’s city.
- Players’ names written in Cyrillic alphabet are shown in Latin letters in other language versions of the game.
- At the end of a battle with a large number of participants, reverse march process is displayed among the active processes.

That is all for today. Stay in touch!

Feel free to share your thoughts and impressions in the comments below the publication and remember that gameplay suggestions are always welcome! ❤️
Почему игра перестала запускаться?
Twizone Area
Good job ....................:)
NADAL:((( DO DZIS Niejestem wstanie korzystac z spolecznosci
Twizone Area
let me try this, and i'll let you know if it works for me ;)
nadal niedziala mi społecznosc :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
не запускается(
i wan reset total games to begin