Clan history
It is always exciting to see how different people from all over the world are united in one game Clan for a long time and share the same values in pursuing prosperity of all members. But how it all starts?

We invite you to share a history of your Clan and get a chance to help all of it’s members.

❗️ Rules are very simple: Describe how your Clan was founded, share all important milestones of it’s establishment and mention most outstanding members and their unique roles.

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The history of our clan is one that might be familiar, but then again might be a bit different. The question in itself is not one that can be answered correctly nor accurately except for only in the moment. Our membership of clan mates are as different as night and day, but exist because we cooperate and support for no other reason but to survive, thrive, fail, succeed, CONQUER. Our clan is fluid...constantly changing and not only of soldiers , farmers and leaders, but of concepts of our clan government, of battle strategies, of alliances and a vast amount of momentary decisions that are made in the course of the daily challenges of the game. Our participation of individuals are just as fluid as the movement of the rest our game. Thoughts and goals are the challenges of all races and nationalities. To have understanding of what we as a clan are working towards on that morning, during that afternoon or partaking in late at night, requires that one be in our clan working towards that task in that time period; moment. Our clan is not a box, nor container or a treasure chest to hold specific items, concepts or knowledge that is discovered and kept secret from the rest of the kingdoms. No the question of our clan is not so easily defined, for it is the moment that determines what the Kingdom, the clan , the individual partakes in that instance of activity. Our clan conducts itself as the land grows. Their was Clibbo, and then came Cerbus. Vular appeared so Poppa Doc followed and so on it goes...Our clan was created because of motion. We Are The Movement.
IOC began in k11 BIA clan in 2014, so did some of our current members. When k11 became toxic, IOC left BIA behind.....the clan leader and Lady Christiana moved to k12 and started BOB (Band of Brothers). The clan leader was Grey Wolf and he had several misfortunes, one after the other so he handed the clan over to Lady Christiana to run.

Grey Wolf eventually quit and Lady Christiana grew the clan over the next 2 years. K12 was another kingdom with a problem clan, it was also dying so we moved BOB to k34 and changed the name to WED (Where Eagles Dare).

The Polish clan W_W were in the ascendency and tried to take over the kingdom of which Lady Christiana had been king many times. They brought in big players, we then became part of the IOC family and Slaterock attempted to help us win. W_W proved too poweerful and became bullies.

Slaterock suggested we move here to k26 which we did. The rest is history and a lot of our players now have been with me since k11, k12 and k34.

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Years ago, a baby boom happened in K47. As time went on and the children grew up, it was time to go to training camp for warrior training. As there were many sons of great warriors in that generation, they realized that they did not want to be in the shadow of their ancestors. They named MagiK the first among equals and slowly devised a plan for independence. On several occasions, the great warrior Morana came to them as an instructor and encouraged a steady fire in them. During her last visit, Morana realized that the main clan was being tainted by petty quarrels and suggested that we try to create a clan that would have communion and respect among members. The leadership unanimously proposed Morana as leader and set out on his own path. Although the clan is made up of children who have just completed their training with their community and great effort, they become a clan whose time will soon come.