Carter's childhood story
What do you know about ancient Crypts?🌋 What do you need to become a great explorer?

Let’s imagine that you’re a Captain Carter. What kind of secrets did you learn in childhood to become the greatest explorer ever? 🍵

The new contest of childhood stories is starting now!

❗️There is only one rule:
You need to write at least 5, but no more than 10 sentences about Carter's childhood! It’s better to describe the most interesting moments in his life within your story!

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The Bob
“Slam!”, the catacomb doors closed behind him, the taunts of, “Find your way out, Catboy!”, ringing in his ears. Carter had thought the malicious rumor that he was descended from Cat-People had stopped. Well, hopefully the exceptionally sharp night vision that had started the whisperings, would help get him out of this mess.
To his surprise, Carter really liked being in the dark, searching though men’s, and other creatures’, bones. Falling out of a decayed ghoul’s stomach, Carter found a simple gold necklace with a single blue gem. He pried a blade loose from a dead warrior’s hands. It was like a marketplace where everything was free! With his “cat” eyes, he found a vine of incredible strength and flexibility to haul himself out of the pit. “I bet I can whip this into some sort of weapon”, he said. As he grew, Carter went on many more such adventures; his blue gemmed necklace next to his skin and his vine and leather invention by his side.
Legend says baby Carter was born in a cavern, among the mole people of Kingdom 32. Probably these stories originate from jealous detractors. More likely he was one of the early tar pit settlers who pioneered using the rancid glowing substance for burning, to illuminate the black caves where only the bravest men dare venture. As a child with no claustrophobic fears he could squirm into cracks and crevices. There he could find openings to ancient treasures and artifacts no grown man could hope to discover. Thus he became known as The Eureka Kid and grew wealthy by age 16 from the gatherings of his green-stained fingers and adventerous heart.
Raki Rocket Fish
Young Carter was raised in the USA by a professor of ancient antiquities. Always abroad with his father, Indiana, he learned the value of ancient history and clung to it with all his heart and soul. Their shared adventures took them to the farthest corners of this world. They went to places that only the few faint of heart would dare to go. Their last adventure together took them to the deepest heart of monster country to search out an ancient treasure that could bring about the end of all we know in this world. The adventure didn't go as planned, and Young Carter ended up losing his father to a horde of wild beast monsters. Since that day, Carter has vowed to pick up his fathers work and continue his journeys till he could find out the truth about why this horde of beast killed his father trying to protect the awesome treasure.
in this story i have no glory, but i tell my secrets of my story.
as an orphan, received a trade, and working it my fortune made.
The older gent who took me in, his hobby was in finding gem.
i worked for him without the cash, our partnership it was not rash
With many other competed we, but always bested all with glee.
Treasure hunters, shovels, maps and spade., bequeathed his fortune that he made.
now i have but half his maps, am looking for his major stash.
Endless TR
The iron master of the kingdom was so sad when he said, "I'm sorry, son, we have no business for you." Carter : "I can mop, I can clean the toilet. As long as I breathe the air," he started working this way in his first and last workplace.
it didn't take long for him to realize that he didn't actually want to be tied to a place. His adventurous spirit forced him to make new discoveries. One day a traveling warrior who brought his sword to repairing, told him about secret treasures stories . he was encouraged by stories he heard from. Now he wanted to explore new places and treasures.
When Marion, the king of the time, asked the blacksmith to make the most powerful sword, Carter did not miss this opportunity. He received permission from his master to go to distant lands to find the materials he needed to make this sword.
I was always warned to stay out of Grandfather's study but the wondrous things that my Grandfather found in his many years as an Archaeologist were kept there and the temptation was too great. I got my opportunity when My Grandfather was called on an emergency and forgot to lock his study before he left. I peaked in the room and the slowly entered. I saw many marvelous things but my eyes widened when I saw something I couldn't believe. My Grandfather's Fedora. He left in such a hurry that he forgot to take his Fedora and there it was right in front of me. I picked it up and slowly put it on my head. It fell over my ears and eyes so I had to push it to the back of my head so I could see my reflection in the mirror. I knew then and there, looking at my reflection, that I was going to be an Archaeologist just like my Grandfather!
Carter's mom lost her life while she giving him birth. His father who is a purifier, dead in a bloody kingdom clash. So Carter's grandfather grew up him until he became a strong and couragous lad. His grandfather was a master explorer also. After aging he build a tar workshop and produced tars to trade with other cities at the kingdom. Young Carter helped his grandfather to trade tars with other cities in kingdom with his carter. That's why whole kingdom named him like "Carter". He learnt all important tricks about crypts from his grandfather at workshop. His grandpa also accompanied him with long trade routes and teached him how to explore dangerous crypts . After he lost his grandpa he felt very lonely. He vowed to become the best master explorer in memory of his grandpa. So he kept exploring crypts an made profession on it. One day he met a hound a dangeros crpyt and they became friend. He always kept exploring dangerous epic crpyts with his hound. He lost his hound too. Now he is a lonely exlorer that wants to become the best explorer in all over the world.

P.S This story contains some feature proposal for the game like transfering tars between cities like other resources.
Raki Rocket Fish
One day while exploring an ancient crypt, he found a mummy. The mummy was wearing a fedora hat which was very well preserved, in fact, it looked new. Perhaps a previous explorer had left it and placed it on the mummy as a joke. He removed the hat and tried it on for size. It fit perfectly and he instantly loved the hat and began wearing it everywhere.
The DANdy Highwayman

Carter learned independence at an early age, his parents were busy society people.

He spent much of his childhood farmed out to relatives, who had a sizable collection of ancient artefacts, which sparked Carter's interest.

His family had many connections and he was encouraged to go off to assist in the excavation and recording of crypts and tombs throughout the kingdom.

Having made a name for himself, he set out exploring in the emerald mountains and discovering hitherto thought lost, amber crypts and runic temples.

Today Carter's knowledge of crypt exploration is unparalled.