Yamato's childhood story
Almost every boy in his childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut👨‍🚀, a military👨‍✈️ or a superhero! But we can assure you that Yamato had not such desires at all.

We suggest to reflect on topic of Yamato’s early years and describe what he was going through to become what he is now.

❗️There is only one rule:
You need to write at least 5, but no more than 10 sentences about Yamato's childhood! It’s better to describe the most interesting moments in his life within your story!

💡 The most interesting and original stories will be awarded with valuable gifts.
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Terrible beasts called Ogres attacked a large mansion, killing whoever they found! One found a pregnant mother hiding in a cupboard he ripped the doors off and pulled the woman out and slashed her throat with huge claws. She died quickly as her blood poured out of the 4 deep gashes across her throat.

The Ogre noticed the dead woman's belly moving! With one sharp claw he slash down the stomach and pulled the cut apart and a small bloody foot and leg poked out. Reaching in he pulled the blood covered baby out and cut the cord that connected the baby boy to it's dead mother.

Finding a blanket the Ogre wrapped the baby and carried it out of the mansion and moved into a crowd of waiting ogres and suddenly the full moon turned dark as a tall shadow stepped through the broken gates. "You have done well my beasts!" The shadow turned to the largest and ugliness Ogre and said, "Are they all dead, every single one?" The big brute gave a grunting reply, "Yyyess! Aalll ggonee." "Good now take your dead and leave!" The Tall shadow turned and was gone as the moon's shine returned.

The big Ogre turned and made some loud grunting noises and the ogres returned to the mansion to collect their dead, but one who cradled a blanket in one arm sneaked out into the forest beyond the high walls.

The ogre walked quickly between the trees until he reached a clearing, where another slightly smaller Ogre waited. "Did you find one this time?" The Ogre gave a broad smile, "Yes my love I found one and it's a boy!" The smaller Ogre was clearly a female and the large Ogre stopped in front of her and carefully pasted the small bundle to her. Gently she unwrapped the blanket to show the babies head and then looked up to her mate, "What will we name him?" "I think as I took him from his mother all bloody under a full moon, we will call him Yamato, meaning Blood Moon in our old ogre language!"

"Sir Franko" is Copying and pasting stories of people :( My Story is my story.. Respect Please!!
Tiger Boy
Who won the prizes?
Sir Franko
Yamato struggled in his childhood. One day when he and his father came home from a fishing lesson. They found the rest of their family had been murdered. Yamato's father was well respected by the entire village and all his fellow soldiers. Some say that he was too well liked and the emperor was jealous of him and decided to have him killed. Then one day Yamato found his father to have been stabbed in the back and left for dead. Yamato vowed to get revenge. But, could not find out who had betrayed his father. Yamato knew the only way to get his revenge was to continue his training with his banish uncle and develope his spy craft to infiltrate the army to find out who killed his army and who had ordered this task to be completed
Sir Franko
A small boy named Yamato was born in a modest fishing village - Okinawa. One day, mysterious ships arrived to the port, on their boards there were arrivals from distant lands. What fascinated Yamato the most were the weapons they had in their bosom. Thanks to his acquaintances, he got to know new martial arts, which he later used in adulthood. Thanks to his dedication and good heart, he became a warrior and teacher, he created the power of his nation and became the hero of his http://brethren.He was very pleased by achieving such things,because it was his grandfather's last wish before he died.
Sir Franko
Słuchaj, trzymaj się z daleka! Szybko wstrząśnij nim i nie próbuj rozmawiać z szefem ani z nikim innym, kogo tu widziałeś. Czekać. Ukradkiem wsunął mi dwie monety. - Weź to dla siebie ...

Krótko po tym incydencie zatrzymał mnie fan gry w kości i skinął na mnie:

„Eiji, mogę cię zobaczyć na chwilę?” Chodź ze mną ...

Podeszliśmy do bazy największy stos węgla na całym placu składowym.

- Czy mogę prosić o wspięcie się na stos i uważanie na dzielnicę? Jeśli zauważysz coś nie tak, daj nam znać ...

„Po co ci to?” Nie zrozumiałem.

„Wyjaśnię ci, dlaczego - jeśli policja tu przyjdzie, złapią nas wszystkich i zamkną nas na klucz!” Tylko nie zejdź, dopóki nie zadzwonię. Jeśli zauważysz, że coś jest nie tak - po prostu zrzuć kawałek węgla ...

- Może spaść na czyjąś głowę.

„Nie pozwól, aby drobne rzeczy ci przeszkadzały!”

- A co oznacza „źle”?

„Sam natychmiast zrozumiesz, jeśli coś złego się stanie!” Po prostu nie próbuj krzyczeć na nas - po prostu cicho zrzuć kawałek węgla.

Zrobiłem tak, jak prosił - wspiąłem się na sam szczyt stosu i znalazłem się tak wysoko, że wydawało się, że cała dzielnica rozciągnęła się u moich stóp! W starym Tokio z wieżowców znajdowały się tylko budynki fabryczne i fabryczne kominy, więc z góry stosu węgla otwarto imponujący widok - całe miasto było na widoku.

Tym razem nie było żadnych problemów, a następnego dnia ponownie poproszono mnie o czuwanie. Podobały mi się widoki miasta - łódki sunęły po powierzchni rzeki, dym lokomotywy unosił się pod chmurami i mieszał z fabrycznym. Dookoła
20.12.19 08:09 Odpowiedz
Sir Franko

His father was the master of the forge who was crafting the Equipments for the Emperor's Palace and his uncle was the master of Ninjitsu school. So Yamato started helping his father in the forge when he was child and at the same time his uncle took him to ninjitsu school to teach the special tecnics of Ninjas. As the years passed Yamato's skills was sharply increasing. One night when he was training alone late in the school, he noticed some foreign ninjas, he followed them and realised that they were sent by another clan's leader to kill the Emperor. Yamato managed to stop them alone as they were just striking to the Emperor. Emperor was in a shock , but when he became cautious he nothiced that this young man had saved his life. As the Emperor was told that this guy is the son of the Forge's master, he gifted Yamato a metal which was given to Emperor by an European trader however it was unlike from any metal he has known. Yamato crafted a dagger for himself but this metal's tecnology was not like anything from this world. It was magic, it was Godlike or even maybe an Alien Tecnology (although those times in Japan they were not aware of aliens); but with this dagger, now he became fast like a wind, silent like the darkness and invisible like a ghost.
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Sir Franko
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