⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️
Please remember that transferring or selling access to game accounts is clearly prohibited by Terms of Service!

💸 You are risking to lose real money by accepting such offers.

The only reasonable option is to report swindler's activity to Support team. This will earn you a nice 🎁 and help us to protect players from fraudulence.
as I attempted to use my jobs I ve saved to place in this tournament .I find it quit working at 298 points and wont let me go higher. why cannot you fix these bugs to make it fair for all to play.. I cannot find where I should be placing this complaint just know your game is unfair for if your system fails to add points ..I feel cheated and now know its not worth playing these contests at http://all.which will include the one I normally put cash money into to get the bonus that I have needed ..
Historia lubi zataczać koła. Wracamy do czasów antycznych i lukratywnej posady DELATORA. Gratuluję pomysłu. A ceny na giełdzie nie są wynikiem błędu gry tylko celowym działaniem które jest łatwo zauważalne i ma wywołać określony efekt. Support wie jaki :)).... Nie martwcie się,,ceny powrócą do starych wartości może nawet na chwilę spadną a wtedy będziemy szczęśliwi,że poluzowano nam łańcuch o dwa dodatkowe ogniwa.
Mithril Antimarr
Any player wishing to express concern about the apparent price changes in exchange may wish to consider querying support on whether the price changes are a game bug.
I would like to kindly report that the administrator of this game wants to lose the rest of regular players by raising prices on the stock market by 100%. I'll be the first. Greetings and happy holidays. I will donate my money to World of Tanks. Please learn from them how to treat players. greetings
Czy Was juz dokładnie popierdoliło z cenami na giełdzie ??? Wszystko x 2. To ma być ten prezent na święta ???
This statement is a joke. There is no way to prove that someone else is selling off their accounts unless you are that person. What kind of proof do you expect people to have ? I see general statements in KC all the time but that isn't actual proof ?
dobre myki !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Twizone Area
................... ;)))
he he he ale odpierdalacie kabaret