Ingrid's Childhood story
Ingrid is one of the most incredible characters in our game.

All players are aware that she will increase the Health and Strength of all Monsters🦑 under her command.

But have you ever thought why?

We suggest to reflect on this topic and describe the possible childhood story of Ingrid.

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Little Tarrant
Yamato, the son of the great samurei Miyamoto Musashi, grew up in the province of Harima. During the great Gempei war, he learned the samurai fighting technique in his childhood. Unashamed and reckless, Yamoto won his first duel at the age of 12 when he accepted an open challenge from a traveling samurai. He helped his father explore the cities and killed the leaders of the enemy troops at a young age. He became famous throughout the empire. Even today, schools in Japan are named after him.
Jason of Perth, OZ
As a child Ingrid's village was attacked by horrific mounted Beasts, and her mother fled to the river with her to escape the vicious Monsters. The current was strong, Ingrid and her mother were washed downstream, where her mother used her last strength to push little Ingrid ashore, before being washed away herself. There an assorted group of 3 misfit Monsters, who had banded together for survival, found the little girl, and decided to try to return her to her human tribe. Along the way to the fast closing pass the human tribes used to migrate with the weather, the Beasts attacked numerous times, only to be defeated by Ingrid's group of protective misfits, an Elf, a Giant, and an Elemental. Eventually, after many trials, Ingrid's party made it to the pass just in time to return her to her father, where there was a sad parting between friends, but also joy, when Ingrid took her first steps, and promised to remember her friends. Every year after her tribe migrated a little earlier, and camped at the pass, so Ingrid could meet with, and improve her bond with her Monster Misfit friends.
Since ancient times, people have fought with the elves for their own freedom and the right to own the land on which they live, but each time they suffered a defeat from the older and stronger race of elves. Ancient human legends spoke of the “Savior” - a half-blood girl, a child of two races, capable of using both elven and human magic. Elven lords were convinced that they had killed all the half-breeds long ago, and made sure that no new ones were born.

But, despite all the precautions, one half-blood girl named Ingrid managed to escape. Fleeing from the pursuit, she climbed high into the mountains where the dragons lived. Dragons took and educated her, teaching her to use dragon magic, which was much more ancient than all others.

It was the dragons who tipped the scales of war to the side of the people. There was a big battle - rather, even a massacre - in which many elves died. In the end, the elves were forced to retreat beyond the lands occupied by humans, and they pledged to leave them alone.

Thus came true the ancient prophecy about Ingrid, the Dragonlord, who, thanks to her magic, made stronger dragons and other monsters fighting under her command.
En las tierras lejanas de Normandía nació una hermosa princesa la cual fue llamada Ingrid.
La hechicera del Reino le otorgó un don a Ingrid qué ayudaría o destruiría su vida al cumplir los 21 años de edad.
Ese don era que Ingrid podría ver y sentir como lo hacen los halcones, tener una vista y mirada mejorada a las águilas, una fortaleza mayor a la de los dragones.
Ingrid creció rodeada de sus bellos acompañantes a los que los demás nombraban MONSTRUOS.
Un día fue atacado su Reino y asesinada toda su familia y ella fue salvada por un grifo de batalla mismo que la llevo a un lugar lejano y fuera del alcance de sus enemigos.
Ella reía con ellos, lloraba con ellos, se alimentaba a un lado de ellos y termino criandose con sus Monstruos a los que ella llamaba SU FAMILIA.
Ingrid juro que vengaría la muerte de su familia y prometio a los MONSTRUOS que la apoyaron, a guiarlos en la y las batallas necesarias para ser libres de la humanidad.
Por eso es que los monstruos comprenden y entienden la casta que deben llevar en batallas a lado de su entrañable guía Ingrid.
Es por eso que ellos responden con mayor adrenalina y fortaleza al sentir el apoyo de su guía.
A brief history of the origins of Ingrid and the second world tree, the kingdoms of Total Battle.
Ingrid meaning Ing is beautiful or perhaps it is in reference to the beautiful offspring of ING ( Freyr) a Vanir and his Frost Giantess wife Gerd both of whom were fertility gods of Norse mythology. Lets believe it is the later and start our story from there... In the morning days of the nine realms a seed of Yggdrasil was found by Ingrid a child of the Vanir. The Vanir lived in Valaheim and were considered gods among the other realms using subtle magics. Yet this title was not without dispute for the AEsir of Asgard with brute force and strength of arms now battled with the Vanir fearing their magics. In the midst of this backdrop Ingrid brought the seed before the other Vanir suspecting it was a sign for none had ever heard or seen such a treasure from the world tree. Using the magics of seidr they divined that this seed could grow to become a sister tree of Yggdrasil with worlds as yet untouched where the Vanir could escape and the axes and swords of the AEsir could not follow it was hoped. Ingrid it was determined should plant and tend the seed since she it was who Yggdrasil had gifted this find. Ingrid journeyed to Hel amongst the roots of the world tree the land where all that died of age or infirmity, starvation and pestilence resided to conceal this new hope. A labor of love she tended first seed, then sprout and tenderling. With cupped hands she would offer it water singing all the while tales of the realms and its denizens. Elementals and giants from Niflheim, Muspelhiem and Jotunheim. Beasts from woods and fields, rivers, lakes and sky. And of serpents, snakes and dragons which in time all gods must need contend for their appetites can not be contained. A magic entwined the two as roots and branches shot forth and days, weeks, months now years passed and Ingrid's hope, yea that of all the Vanir strengthened and grew.
Yet it was not to be for a host of AEsir assailed Valaheim and great magics were unleashed to stop them rocking all the realms and tearing asunder the young tree from its shelter. Adrift on the edge of the abyss of Ginnungagap Ingrid clung to trunk and branches as the world she had known disappeared from sight. But in her despair ere the two of them were thrown in the void, roots and tendrils grasped out at the world that was and drew from within a vibrant melody woven from the magics of the tales once sung. This anchored the tree on the skirt of Niflheim the land of cold, ice and darkness still Ingrid's body now lay broken and bleeding clasped betwixt ice, rock and root. As her vitality ebbed visions of new realms swam, outside the boundaries of Yggdrasil, familiar teaming with myriad inhabitants of both song and tale.
The darkness and cold encroached no further though now Ingrid's body lie dead for the tree with diverse and ancient magics of its own had embodied her essence and brought back to life her avatar to walk amongst the lands of a new world tree. Ingrid has no recollection of her life before as a Vanir and does not feel trapped or lost in this abundant new world. As for the magics which wove both her present form and that of all she now sees a melody beats within the breast binding all that hear it to herself. These being the creatures of her tales sung earth, wind, fire and water. Tooth, claw, tail and wing. Timber hewn for club and rock hurled the weapons of giant kin. And should we least forget the Wyrm. Her companions are emboldened by her presence and should this melody ever reach a fevered pitch perhaps she will awaken and find a way to unite all worlds beneath the two trees. For now settlers from Alfheim, Svartalfheim and Midgard (elves, dwarves and mortal men) have found a way past the darkness and to the edge of the abyss where these new realms lie. And as both old and new inhabitants strive across these growing kingdoms can the genesis war be soon heard.
The Black Easterling
Ingrid grew up grew up in the lands of the wandering northern tribes, she was found alive after her parents were killed by marauders.

At first, not being able to speak the language of her adoptive tribe, she took solace in talking to the animals.

Over time her intuative ability and understanding became such that she developed a great ability to communicate with a wide range of animals, beasts and monsters.