📢 Winter is a beautiful and magical time. The city is sheltered under a white blanket of fluffy snow. ❄️☃️

🧩 Complete our new puzzle and see how beautiful your game city can be at this time of the year!

• Complete the puzzle ➡
• Use or any similar service to take a screenshot of the solved puzzle.
• The screenshot must indicate the time you spent to complete the puzzle.
• Copy the link to the screenshot and send it to the Support team.
• It is obligatory to use “Community event - Snowfall” as a heading to your message.
• Messages without “Community event - Snowfall” heading will not be taken into account!


🥇 1st place: 100000 Gold
🥈 2nd place: 50000 Gold
🥉 3rd place: 30000 Gold
Places 4 - 20: 10000 Gold
Administration [Post author]
Dear friends,

here's the list of winners:

1. Merovingian
2. Refur
3. TheMaelstrom
4. Nie przesadzaj
5. Dagore
6. Maveth
7. Serega
8. Чиллравен
9. Chop z Ryndorfu i L
10. Bloody Massacure
11. Galafir
12. Buririel
13. Kope
14. DeadCalm
15. Earrafad
16. halik
17. Ignatius
18. Ezval
19. *ⓤⓝⓘⓣⓔⓧⓐⓢ 16*
20. Alberich

🎁 Rewards were already added to your accounts. Please check your Journals.

Please do not be discouraged if you are not on the list of the rewarded! There are many interesting contests ahead.

The next stage is coming soon! ⏳