World Development Information Day
Last Sunday was not just a day off, but a World Development Information Day. Did you know that?

It seems to be a great reason to introduce you a new category of publications, which has never occurred on our Community page before. It's called ‘Developer answers’.

You have a unique opportunity to ask questions about existing game mechanics 🎮, development processes 🛠 or visual component of the game 👨‍🎨

💡Answers to 5 randomly selected questions will be published on the Community page in a week, on December 2.
Tak tylko cos mój tłumacz mnie nie tłumaczy. http://A.Ha
The Finn Est
Hello, could you explain the feature bonus difference between player kungen and me (The Fin Est) on that one knowing that he obviously has more strength on his spears and that the beast and total damages are the same. I suspect a small bug here.
The DANdy Highwayman
I've noticed you have started to use facebook polls ... is this a feature that you will be bringing to the community pages?
Bazı bonuslar bence eksik. Araştırma hızı, inşaat hızı, ordu eğitim hızı bonusu da bireysel olarak açılmalı.... Eklemelisiniz
Amansız katliyam turnuvası ciddi adaletsiz 100m gücündeki oyuncu ile 1m gücündeki oyuncu aynı değil bence belirli seviyelere göre klasmanlara ayrılmalı ve adalet sağlanmalıdır.
The first Thanksgiving in history was celebrated in November 1621, when the newly-made Americans held a feast and invited about 100 locals from the tribe which saved the remaining settlers.

However, for the next 150 years the holiday was unofficial: it was celebrated from time to time. It became national only in 1789. In 1941 the US Congress adopted a document that secured the celebration on the each fourth Thursday of November. 🗓🎉

We want to share our gratitude for your loyalty with a series of simple contests.
oyunda gözetleme kulesinde, canavar level a göre arama yapılmalı,

CO się dzieje z czatem na telefonir?
z góry dziękuje za info
Büyük oyuncuların küçük oyuncuları ezmesine neden izin veriyorsunuz? En azından kendinden 5 kattan daha fazla küçük oyuncuya saldırı yapılmasa olmaz mı. Bu olmadığından bir çok küçük oyuncu oyunu bırakıyor.