🎃 costume contest! 👻
🧟‍♀️ Last-minute ideas for your Halloween outfit! 🧛‍♂️

💡 Check what you already own before rushing to craft store or starting to fill your online shopping cart❗️

💡Most of homemade costumes are created from what was found hanging in a closet❗️

💡 If you still struggle to make a decision about your party look why won't you put on some clothes of a character from your favorite game❓ This is fun and you will get guaranteed rewards!

Just follow this very simple rule:

• Take a photo of yourself (your friend or pet 😄) dressed as one of Total Battle's Hero, Captain or even a monster and share a link to it in the comments to this post.

🎁 Rewards are great! ⬇️

🔥 Each participant with original entry will get 150000 Gold!


🥇1000000 Gold + any $249 package
🥈500000 Gold + any $99 package
🥉250000 Gold + any $49 package

🎃Halloween👻 costume contest is open until Friday! ⏳

The winners are:

🥇 Ulff Fugl
🥈 Lerinad
🥉 Ignatius

Please contact us through support with package you want to receive!
All other participants with original entry have already received their rewards.

Thank you for your interest to Community page contests!

More events are coming soon! Stay tuned!
Żenujące podejście do tematu. Obietnica jak na wiecu wyborczym, a po fakcie nic i nikomu. Gratulacje dla pomysłodawcy.
Tommen Baratheon
gratz to the winners!
what did you guys got for participating?
Where is the Gold?
Your job is to lie ...
I don't even spend 5 cents on this game anymore.
Merci pour l'or ;)
Ragnarök of Death
whats about prices admin?
winners ?
Hey tam Panowie. Wiemy już coś? Jakaś lista zwycięzców, oryginalnych zgłoszeń. Cokolwiek ???
Endless TR
hello Admin,
Who is winner? :)